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One more time. One more game.

As much as we all think all is happy in Grizzland right now, there is some happy, and there is some sad…Happy: Well, the Griz won. Duh. They scored in the paint for half a game, and that was enough, and they made NOT ONE three. Horrible from three, great inside. That’s Grizzlies ball. It was about spacing-not allowing half the Clips’ roster to cover up the painted area and take away even the simplest entry pass. Hitting the outside shot (which Gasol and Randolph both did in the first quarter) helped, but it was the spacing by the wings and PG’s that allowed better success with the entry passes.

Sad: The Grizzlies scored well in the paint for half the game. Gasol and ZBo scored just about ZILCH after halftime, and that ain’t cool. The Grizzlies scored not one basket from three…and if they’re only gonna score inside through the main guys for half a game, the three, never a big part of the Grizzlies’ game, has to at least be at least available as an occasional scoring option.

Happy: The Clippers rode an incredible wave of “we’re playin’ five-on-eight” emotion after the smattering of technical fouls they EARNED in that third quarter, and couldn’t catch all the way up. They played as hard and as physically as they were able, and that level of effort was not enough to get them the win. Actually, trying to play that hard got them in a bit of trouble, with Paul aggravating an existing injury and Blake coming down awkwardly from 20-odd feet in the air onto his knee.

Sad: The Grizzlies nearly choked away another twenty-plus point lead AT HOME. Painful, painful. Getting into the Clippers’ heads enough to cause that meltdown in the third was great. The Clippers don’t know how to close out an opponent, at least not Griffin, Foye, Bledsoe, Jordan, etc. Yes, Paul, Butler, Williams all have deeper playoff runs under their belts, but the wild pogo stick business of that starting frontcourt is not a recipe for playoff success…but the Grizzlies have run out of chances to give games away to the Floppers.

Happy: The Grizzlies finally forced the Clips into a poor shooting percentage.

Sad: They still almost gave away the game.

Friday is yet another desperation game for the Grizzlies. A one-point loss and an OT loss in LA…why can’t they win one?

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8 Responses to Clippers’ Most Chippy Game Not Quite Enough to Overcome Grizzlies. Grizz WIN

  1. GrizRebNo Gravatar says:

    I feel if they just get it to game 7 then the Grindhouse will absolutely explode on Sunday. Griz Nation will be suited up as the sixth man ready to take down any Flopper than stands in their way. Please Griz, lets pull out this win tomorrow. Utilize the big guys in the SECOND half to ensure a W.

  2. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    ZBo and Marc were absolutely incredible in the first half. They were taking (and making) good shots, finding passing lanes, and ZBo was all over the boards.

    Another night where I asked myself, “where the hell is OJ Mayo?” But I won’t open that can of worms.


  3. StephenNo Gravatar says:

    I feel like saying they nearly “choked away the game” is an over-statement.

    Yes they let them come back and yes they weren’t playing well, but I don’t think it ever got closer than an 8 point game in the 4th.

    I feel a major difference was though the grizz were struggling to score down the stretch (like we’ve seen recently); they played hard on defense and did not give the Clippers open shots to spur their comeback.

    Friday is going to be a war!

  4. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Q seemed to be their best player in the fourth.
    First half was awesome from mg and Zbo.
    Oj has lost any chance at getting a good deal in free agency.

  5. boNo Gravatar says:

    really liked using 3-5 different guys to guard cp3,…
    make him work hard on offense
    i screamed this at tv in game one……

  6. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    I think we win that more easily if Conley doesn’t get into foul trouble. OJ Mayo literally can’t bring the ball down the court against Chris Paul. Even the simplest pass is a challenge. Frustrating. But great win.

  7. Larry HarrisNo Gravatar says:

    Question of the night: how many times in a row can Paul steal the ball from O.J. before the Griz bench awakens?

  8. ReginaldNo Gravatar says:

    I need to see the big men give the same effort they gave in the first half in the second half! They were so active in the first half and the Clips couldn’t match up with it. If the Grizz come with that same energy all game (very hard to do I know), there is no way the Clips win. I don’t know if the big men got tired but they gotta bring it more than 24 minutes for us to win on the road

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