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Life worked out for me to attend this game, and now I know why.

I needed to see in person, once again, just how mediocre-to-not-so-hot Blake Griffin is at every aspect of basketball besides dunking/scoring.

The Grizzlies almost gave away this game too, but they did not-how’d they try to give it away, and how’d they avoid doing so?

-A south-of-lethargic start to the game. A middle-school-level five-second violation by the Griz and a couple Clipper-style lobs to start the game, and I remarked to my wife “I’m really afraid this ain’t even gonna be close”. The defensive intensity (read: hand-slapping to a level that would make Bruce Bowen envious) of the Clippers to start the game was, to their credit, marvelous. How’d the Grizzlies get out of that wormhole? Mike Conley getting to the hoop once or twice, and the bench. Dante and Quincy, as usual. Speights hitting shots. Once the Grizzlies’ speed of execution picked up, and guys started moving on offense instead of loitering around at the 3-point line, the Griz had no problem scoring….and when they didn’t, they got to the free throw line to the tune of 31-for-39.

-Boneheaded, thoughtless turnovers and passes, and a lack of will to hold onto the ball in traffic. Sure, guys willingly got floor burns, but Rudy Gay in particular was a bit lackadaisical about making sure that possession was firmly in hand.  A little too much hurryup on the fast break, with several guys (Allen, Speights, Gay, Mayo) throwing away opportunities to gain separation from the Clippers. How’d they flip that coin over? By forcing CP3 into five turnovers, and 21 total Flopper turnovers. Best part of the Griz’ defense? Thirteen steals (with a crazy addendum: Conley was the only starter without one)? No, it was getting big stops on the final possessions of Q2 and Q3. Up until the last couple seasons, a bucket (and somtimes an and-one) by the opposition to close a quarter has been a much-reviled Grizzly “tradition”. Not this night.

Player of the game? OJ, no doubt. He chased Paul around as much and as well as he could (although CP made the Grizzlies defense look really bad, ‘cuz he’s an amazing player), and his scoring (especially that three that was the team’s first of the game) was absolutely the difference in the game.

Steal of the game? ZBo’s theft of an inbounds pass later in the game when things were close. A super-aware play to make up for some of the Grizzlies’ earlier spaceouts.

This may have been the most physical game I’ve seen the Grizzlies play/endure-Deandre Jordan, in particular, looked like he should have been playing eleven men per team with pads on-but it showed that our Grizzlies fear no flopper.

Good news for Ralph Lawler-his “note” of today “noting” that the Grizzlies were 0-4 after losing the first game of a playoff series proved to be prescient….actually, that meant nothing, since the Clippers lost.

If only Blakie-blake could have picked up that sixth foul…I think the roof of FedEx Forum may have collapsed…

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11 Responses to Clippers Go Down, GRIZZ WIN! Ain’t Lawler’s Law Great?

  1. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    Not mention of the 16-4 offensive boards, or the fact that the clips shot 20 percent better than us and we still managed to control the game (thanks to the rebound and ft differential). Great win grizz. I think we look good.

  2. GrizRebNo Gravatar says:

    I’m sure that being in a playoff series causes one to build a hatred for the other team, but I am REALLY starting to hate the Clippers. Last year I called Ginobili “Gifloppy” but these Clippers as a team (primarily CPFlop and Floppy McEvens) are freaking unbelievable. Maybe it’s not necessarily their fault, maybe the NBA conditioned them to think that being a wussy is deserving of an award. I watched Evens most of the time he was in the game and he spent more time laying on the floor than actually doing his job….oh wait that is his job (TERRIBLE). I also think that the national and local LA media are causing me to have bad feelings towards the Clippers; they were handed one of the best point guards and have a highly athletic player (notice I didn’t say basketball player, he’s just a freak jumper) that is over rated from an overall basketball standpoint. I’m glad our boys overcame the Clippers soccer style of play and took the bumps and bruises while dishing them back out. Good luck to our boys in FLOP City!

    • EvanNo Gravatar says:

      I completely agree. I don’t hate any team (except the Heat, of course) but I swear…either Reggie Evans, Blake Griffin or Chris Paul falls on the floor EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION it seems like! /rant

      Great, great game. Needed this W. We all know the Clippers aren’t going to shoot 57% from the field and 56% from 3 for the rest of the series…keep it up Grizz!!

  3. Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

    I think the bench overall was the hero of the game. The Grizzlies bench had positive +/- numbers across the board. Speights (+13), Pondexter (+12) and of course Mayo (+9) were huge in the game. Considering only Gay and Conley had positive +/- ratings among the starters, the bench came up big last night.

    Best flop failure was Chris Paul’s attempt to draw a charge from Quincy Pondexter in the 2nd quarter. He really sold the impact despite Pondexter clearly never touching him. It’s too bad that Paul feels the need to do things like that because he’s a great player otherwise.

  4. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Great confidence builder after that.first game. Rudy was on but Marc had a bad game. He usually comes back strong after a.weak game. TA had me cringing with his play. OJ is the best defender of Paul as pointed out by the announcers and a pretty decent point guard too. Can’t be easy switching between pg and two guard every rotation. Conley was steady and made some clutch shots and free throws.

  5. ACNo Gravatar says:

    Cudos to the NBA for smelling the clipper bullsh!t. Everytime the Grizz scored in the first quarter a Clipper play was found laying on the ground. They didn’t get a single call from the officials. I think the NBA had a brain trust meeting and decided that the Clippers are not actually a WNBA team and shouldn’t get a call everytime the fall to the ground crying. I dig it!!!!!! (first time I have ever given props to NBA officiating)

  6. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Any word on the Clipper injuries from last night?


  7. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    Not gonna lie… I thought for sure the grizz were in for a long night with the officiating when the game started… They had a few badly missed calls (including the cp3 pull down on gasol’s arm) but after a rough start, they pulled it together and had a really nice game… I hope the officials in LA will be just as good if not better. The less help LA gets the better

  8. Michael PorterNo Gravatar says:

    Yea man the Clippers are so wussy, Thats why three players got injured? Yes you heard me, three. Theres a difference to “falling on the floor and crying” and “falling on the floor and getting right back up” even when a foul isn’t called and you find out later you have a contusion in your right wrist (Mo Williams). And yet the Grizz still shot over double the free throws the Clips did. Can’t wait to see another collapse by the Grizz today.

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