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Sunday is a day of rest, so we rested. But we’re back with another round of 3 on 3, looking back at the Memphis Grizzlies’ 2011-12 season. Check out Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 also. Featured lineup today: Josh “Red” Coleman, Chip Crain & Matthew Noe. Let’s tip it off!

Zach Randolph’s 2012 season was . . .

Red Coleman: Not what we were hoping for. This isn’t Zach’s fault, as his season was truncated due to his unfortunate injury. He did show flashes of the beast we all witnessed last spring/summer, and I agree with Chris Wallace that it is 5 months until next season, so it’s far too soon to write him off. I won’t be surprised if he comes in next season with a highly motivated attitude.

Chip Crain: One I’d like to forget. An early season injury, a late return from injury, poor conditioning when he returned all made the 2012 season a disappointment. His return in the playoffs was like his season, up and down with no consistency.

Matthew Noe: A bust, but through no fault of his own. Injuries happen, and the awful serendipity of the injury happening when he was in the best shape of his career just derailed his train.

If I could get (NBA Player X) in exchange for (Grizzlies Player or Players), I’d have to do that deal because . . .

Red: Carmelo Anthony for Rudy Gay. It gives us that definitive Alpha Male who says in the 4th quarter: I got this. That’s what we saw from Chris Paul, and it’s what this team has lacked since….well, forever. I love Rudy’s skillset and his limitless ceiling, but Melo is a cut above…even though I don’t really like him.

Chip: I would trade Rudy Gay or Zach Randolph plus anyone other than Gasol, Conley and any number of elite players in the league.

Matt: Deron Williams for Rudy Gay and Mike Conley, you do that, because a brilliant PG like DWill and a guy like Marc with a scoring threat like ZBo is just a freight train.

If I could have a do-over on one thing this season, it would be . . .

Red: Game 1 against the Clippers, obviously. Win that game, even on Rudy’s last-second attempt, and I think they win the series. Instead, we’re sitting here doing a recap, and the Clippers are still playing…although probably not for much longer (Editor’s note: The Spurs finished their sweep of The L.A. Clippers as I was putting this post together.–LES)

Chip: Not to reinsert Z-Bo into the starting lineup. It threw off the team’s chemistry and their understanding of each players roles. I don’t know if it would have made a difference in the outcome of the playoff series but I don’t believe you fix what isn’t broken.

Matt: Game one. Duh.

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One Response to 3 on 3: Season In Review (Part 4)

  1. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Zach Randolph’s season was:

    Heartbreaking, a near mirror image of the ’10 season when Rudy went down … except we couldn’t ride Rudy like we did Zach the year before.

    If I could have traded OJ Mayo for Ray Allen I would have absolutely done that. Moving forward though, I’d trade Rudy Gay for just about any fair equivalent at SF or SG.

    If I could do-over one thing …. I’d have signed Gilbert Arenas at the beginning of the season and fully integrated him into the lineup/roster. Neither Pargo, Selby or OJ proved to have any consistent skill or confidence at the backup PG spot all year.

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