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I’d give you all a prediction of who I think will win this series but at this point in time, I am not sure. OKC looks better on paper but the Grizzlies have the hearts of gladiatiors with a fighting spirit that stays constant regardless of what the score is. After the 15 point deficit in the third quarter of game 3, I counted the Grizzlies out, but they disproved me with an epic comeback which no one saw coming. After the 13 point deficit the Grizzlies faced in the second quarter of game 6, I turned off my T.V. thinking that the series was over, but half an hour later the score was tied and all momentum had shifted, giving the Grizzlies the win.

Taking that into account, you can’t disregard OKCs great play this series. After getting off to a slow start and trailing the Grizzlies 1-2, the Thunder showed a remarkable turnaround in their competitiveness and level of play. In the game 4 triple overtime epic which I am sure you all remember, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant both stayed strong and kept their composure despite the Grizzlies making virtually every shot that they put up in crunch time. After winning this key game, the Thunder blew the Grizz out in a game 5 homestand and had the momentum shifted back to them. But, as you all know, the Grizzlies mananged to pull game 6 out with the strongest second half that they have had in the postseason thus far.

This series has had more twists and turns than a rollercoster and more drama than most soap operas. Both teams have had their highs and lows and it is nearly impossible to determine who has the advantage going in to game 7. Will the Grizzlies come out with another strong second half and take game 7? Will the Thunder learn from their mistakes and find a way to shut down Zach Randolph? These questions as well a countless number of others cannot be answered until Sunday so for now we will have to wait,cross our fingers, and hope that the Grizz that can add another series to their miracle run this postseason.

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