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3 Shades of Blue has meant to post a weekly piece on Grizzlies news from around the internet and mass media types but frankly we were too laze to keep it up. With today’s major Game 7 action kicking off at 2:30 pm Memphis time we felt it was time to revisit the habit.

First off everyone should readRon Tillery, Geoff Calkins and the Commercial Appeals’ coverage. They have the most access and best information about the team.

Liz Granderson is a writer for ESPN who wrote a beautiful piece onWhy Memphis Loves the Grizzlies.This is a must read for fans of Memphis and the Grizzlies. Also from ESPN John Hollinger, one of the first major media writers to predict the Grizzlies would be playoff bound and a dangerous team once there, has a nice little article titled“If Grizz Keep This Up, The Slipper Might Fit.”

Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace talkswith Memphis Sport about the team and the upcoming Game 7 with the Thunder. Boston GM Danny Ainge reviewed his team’s season and looks into the future. His main regret was not trading away Kendrick Perkins butfailing to re-sign Tony Allen.

You know you are becoming big time news when the New York Times writes about you. The article “West Provides Game 7 Drama” deals more with the overall history ofgame 7s in general but does say some nice things about the Grizzlies. The Times earlier had writtenGrizzlies Rise is Rooted in Much Criticized Trade

Winner of the Putting the Horse Before the Cart award goes to Bleacher Report with their article “Willthe Grizzlies Be Able to Handle the Dallas Mavericks.

Zach Randolph’s maturation has been questioned and admired by the media this year. Here are two examples:
Now A Leader, Zach Randolph Spearheads Surprising Grizzlies. USA Today also dida pictorial on Zach
ESPN’s TRueHoop Network talked about Z-Bo’s
past and present accomplishments and mistakes

Tom Ziller at SB Nation made an interesting comparison betweenthe Grizzlies and Thunder and the way the two teams have been built. While downplaying the god fortune OKC had in the lottery his logic does have merit.

That should keep everyone busy until the 2:30 tip off in Oklahoma City.


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