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Many rumors have been coming up lately of the Memphis Grizzlies possibly trading forward Rudy Gay. Michael Heisley has not taken this speculation very kindly at all.

“Would you please make it clear that we’re not trading Rudy Gay?,” Heisley told The Commercial-Appeal.

Heisley knows that teams “think” he will try trading Gay.

“I know,” said Heisley. “And, quite frankly, it (ticks) me off. I think it’s cruel to the guy. He died during this period. That’s how much he wanted to play. And to now have to hear that we’re trading him? There’s nothing more untrue than that.”

Memphis has a solid starting line-up of Michael Conley, O.J. Mayo, Gay, Zach Randolph, and Marc Gasol. But face it, it’ll be extremely tough to keep them all with all the money in place. The salaries will increase and Memphis may need to live with the fact that they can’t keep the starting line-up.

That won’t stop Heisley.

“My intention is to bring the team back next year,” Heisley said.

Like I said, it’ll be tough. For this year’s off-season, they need to do their best to keep Gasol and Randolph. reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers offered the Grizzlies the fourth pick of the draft for Gay. Cleveland is in need for a small forward to compliment soon-to-be-drafted Kyrie Irving. However, Memphis rejected and now the Cavs are trying to deal their fourth pick in a three-team deal where they receive Rip Hamilton and the second pick so they can get Derrick Williams.

Then, the News Herald reported that no such deal was in the works. Then later, the Toronto Sun reported that Gay could go to the Toronto Raptors.

The rumors just won’t stop.

But when it all goes down, Ronald Tillery of the Commercial-Appeal makes the stance that Gay will not be traded, and it was a very good one, too:

“Gay is the most gifted and won’t be traded. Any conversation about trading Gay without a bonafide star coming to Memphis is absurd, misinformed and ignorant. Take a step back and understand that Gay is better than Tony Allen and Sam Young — combined — and they started for the Griz at the end. Not only is Heisley believable when he says he isn’t trading Gay, but the coaches are already salivating over the return of a 20-point scorer, much-improved defender and play-maker.”

I don’t see Gay being traded. What do you think?

Can the Grizzlies keep their starting line-up intact?

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