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As we mentioned earlier Memphis Sport Magazine is running a contest to find the best sports related things in Memphis. 3 Shades of Blue is honored to be included among a star-studded list of finalists for the Best Blog award. Voting continues until June 12th and we encourage everyone vote to visit the site and make your voice known. If you happen to vote for us that would be appreciated.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Grizzlies player Marco Jaric is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world who won’t come to watch him play in Memphis, now he has gone and gotten her pregnant. There are literally hundreds of stories covering this topic but this link also has videos of her so we are going to link to their coverage.

Hardwood Paroxysms has an interesting blog upon how to rate players selfishness in the league by position. Coming in at the most unselfish SG is former Grizz Mike Miller. Didn’t people say Mike always needed toshoot more? Apparently the numbers bear that out.

The Hoop Report has an interesting take on the upcoming draft including coverage of the Ricky Rubio saga and how likely it is that the Clippers take Blake Griffin.

Ridiculous Upside is reviewing the 2001 Draft to see how teams should have picked. Interesting to read considering they are covering the second round picks too. It will be interesting to see who wins and loses in this year’s draft 8 years from now. 3 Shades of Blue took a quick look back at 2007 the other day if you are interested too.

Speaking of the draft there are a slew of new mocks up. Our own CarlCR is doing an excellent job of following the more well known mocks but here are a few you may have missed. Hoops Addict, Bleacher Report, Hoops Analystand the People’s Sports Blog.

The Sacramento Bee found out just how deeply players are being questioned during their interviews wiht teams. Memphis is featured as one of the teams that really has been doing their homework.

Fans of Blazers Edge know that Portland fans really want Mike Conley and thinks that the Grizzlies picking 2nd means Memphis needs to trade him.

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