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Yes, yes, that was a franchise-record 20th road win on the season, and that’s a truly wonderful thing. Ascending to new heights and all.

However, the crux/gist/etc of the matter is explained by four digits, with those four digits being the first of tonight’s seven things…

One: BENCH SCORING. The four digits? 34 and 99. The bench scored around 35% of the team’s total points this night, and for the last, oh, sixty seasons or so, it’s seemed that the Grizzlies have had to rely too heavily on the first five for scoring. For once, this was not the case. However, every silver lining’s got a touch of grey…

Two: Jerryd Bayless with the bagel, doughnut, collar, 0-fer from the field. As the last two games have shown, the bench gunner’s diet is either top ramen on the coffee table or Le Cirque-not much in between. Zero-for-five FG’s, with a middling 4-6 from the line-but a team-leading seven assists and…we return to the silver lining…

Three: Not one bench turnover. Make things easier for the team, this does. Speak like Yoda, will I. Tired I am. Late it is.

Ok, anyway. The ball control by the bench. Only nine TO’s for the team on the night, and all those by the starters. And it wasn’t for lack of time-five bench players logged at least thirteen minutes, which was due to…

Four: Hollins actually let up on the starters a bit tonight, with only Conley and Marc “What injury?” Gasol topping the 30-minute mark. And he took them out with 57 whole seconds to go in the game! Facetiousness aside, it will be very important these last couple weeks to limit the heavy rotation guys’ minutes as the playoffs approach, with the flip side of the coin being the home court advantage issue. Perhaps Hollins’ most challenging coaching stretch yet awaits him?

Five: After a paltry twelve rebounds in the first half (well, both teams did shoot well, but the Griz were -7 at the half), the Grizzlies wound up even on the boards at the end of the game. I’d imagine that the halftime “talk” was about as spicy as dancing-man-hot Panang from Bhan Thai, and the Grizzlies not only deserved it but heeded it.

Six: The Wolves have hope. General Zod and Kevin Love didn’t even play, and the Wolves, thanks in large part to Adelman’s ability to extract optimum output from just about every player, still gave a superior team all they wanted. The three-guard thing with Rubio, Ridnour, and Barea didn’t really work in the fourth, and that was the undoing of the game. Gotta credit Adelman with sticking to his guns though.

Seven: They’re almost to fifty already. Will they hit my predicted wins level of 54? It’s gonna be close, ‘cuz it’s a darned tough couple of weeks upcoming. Then the as-yet-undetermined amount of time thereafter will be even tougher.

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One Response to Which Bench Was That? Grizzlies 99, Timberwolves 86

  1. ccNo Gravatar says:

    Good win…The Crux/Gist(ya sound like me writing!),to me,at this point in season izz(GRIZZ speak,er writing for “is”): Being well rested.
    I ruminated on this for many moons & would rather be well rested than have home-court(if choosing between the 2).We blew HCourt last season to a sizzling/hungry LAC team…los Floppers seem to be fading as we speak. DEN peaked too early IMO(Ty Lawson is gimpy if I heard ‘right’).
    I predicted GRIZZ would win 55-57,and 2 of 3/%.667 ball is doing well considering all the personnel changes this season.
    Feel free to join ‘us’ on Grizz Nation on Facebook…cool/fun group(ya boys/fellow blogmeisters CC & JC are ‘in there’.

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