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Whoof, that first half was bad. BAD. Like, Ke$ha tries to cover a Billie Holiday tune bad.

Ugh. On second thought, maybe it wasn’t *quite* that bad, but it was really awful.

Don’t lie, you thought of the Mavericks comeback a lot during that first half.

Respectable final score aside, this game was distressing. Here’s why…

This time, it was JR Smith who really put the Grizzlies to bed, scoring-wise, although that 3-3 from Shumpert on his first three long-range attempts was a mighty punch in the choppers to start the game.  Tired as heck, so just a couple bullet points of concern here:

-The Knicks start a smallball lineup, and it KILLS the Grizzlies out of the gate. Were they not prepared, or did they not execute? Hard to say, since the Knicks hit eleven threes in the first half. That kind of porousness from the outside says that it matters not whether it was Joerger, Hollins, or the players-that’s just flat-out anomalous.

-Had to watch a good deal of the game  (and mercifully actually missed seeing some of it) without sound due to household, um, “interference” (aka “a four-year-old making a bunch of noise”),  so I’ve no idea if he has some sort of small injury, but…it’s smallball for a LOT of the game, and Ed Davis, a great smallball choice, gets DNP? Now is NOT the time for Lionel to open up the doghouse for some random invitee.  Levien and company wanted Ed Davis in the Rudy Gay trade, and they’re gonna keep him. Lionel needs to get used to that, although Hollins’ recent comments about the bench are pretty much on target.

-When Gasol (what a hero for playing!) and ZBo get ten FGA’s between them, the Grizzlies will likely lose. This we know.

-When the only guys who get in double-digit FGA’s are Conley, Allen, and Bayless, this means that the Knicks knew what they were doing on defense.

HUGE back-to-back this weekend that the Grizzlies must sweep to have any hope of homecourt in the first round…..or will Lionel Hollins and Co. dare to tank like they did in 2011 (oh, yes they did. just stop it)  if they feel homecourt is out of range?


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2 Responses to Well, They Made It A Game, I Suppose. Knicks 108, Grizzlies 101.

  1. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    To be honest, I was thinking of a game against Dallas during the first half. It wasn’t the comeback though. It was the blowout. So I turned it off when it got to 30.

    I did turn it back on after halftime though, from pure curiosity. And eventually it got close. But Kidd’s 3 and those damn stupid fouls just killed it.

    Every loss hurts, but at least the team didn’t mail it in when it was bad like they did in those blowout losses in December. I just don’t want to think the Grizzlies forgot they still have some games left to play in the season.

  2. chriskf1No Gravatar says:

    I wasn’t thinking about Dallas in the first half. I was thinking about the 2007 Grizzlies. That was Casey Jacobsen-level futility.

    Glad the Griz manned up and made a game of it, but once they went down 30, Gasol should have been on the bench. I appreciate his effort and his commitment but ANY player not at 100% should have been riding pine and saving up for a winnable night.

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