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Well, that didn’t go so wall. Oops, I meant “well”.

Not much to say about this game besides WOW THAT WAS TERRIBLE, but we’ll give it a shot…

This game really never was a Grizzly win waiting to happen-it was a game the Grizzlies were going to have to go way outside the comfort zone to win.

OH, BLAHBLAHBLAH. Plus minus, Mike Conley, Darrell Arthur fouled out, a bunch of players jumped in the air a lot.

John Wall destroyed the Grizzlies this night. It’s just that simple. 13 for 22 and 19 of 24 FT’s. The Grizzlies shot 22 FT’s, just so you know.

A bit less expected, but just as destructive to the Grizzlies’ cause, was the offensive performance by Wilt Chamberlain I mean Emeka Okafor. 21 and 9, with only two fouls in 30 minutes played. Yes, the absence of Gasol is a big reason why Wall was able to go nuts-but he would have been even more vital in that NO WAY does Okafor do all that with MG33 on the court.

To look at it just a little bit (yes, it’s painful to do so), it was just not ZBo’s night…check that, not the starters’ night. Plus-minus is, as we all know, notoriously useless…but look at the stat as applied to the starters: 17, 25, 32, 21, 30. Those would all be “minus”, should there be any mystery about that. All four bench players who played significant time were in the plus column. This would stand to reason, as the Wizards are a thin team anyway and are debilitated currently by a couple injuries to major rotation players.

Disgusting game, just disgusting.

Beyond disgusting, though, is the alarming lack of composure the Grizzlies showed when they became frustrated. ZBo and Hollins were both t’ed up. It’s understandable, given that ZBo has been getting knocked around like a hacky sack in the parking lot of a Phish show for the last couple weeks and has not been getting calls, but it’s still not something he needs to let get to him. He’s certainly unafraid of contact…he’s just in a rough patch. Maybe Hollins just let out a few magic words at the end of a frustrating game, who knows.

See? See how easy it was to rationalize a complete meltdown against a team the Grizzlies should be able to beat handily?

Sure hope the players don’t rationalize the loss so easily.

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2 Responses to Grizzlies Slouch AGAIN On the Road. Wizards107, Grizzlies 94

  1. zbobubNo Gravatar says:

    Im a big grizzlies fan from Los Angeles and i have been reading this blog for over a year and i wanted to see if the writers were coming out to LA.

    thank you

  2. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    This is getting painful to watch. I once thought we were all but guaranteed a five seed, but this team has once again found a way to make me doubt them. I’d have doubts even if they were attempting to make it happen without Marc, but after these two last road collapses? Forget it. We’re sunk, I’m afraid.

    *BEST* case, we fall to sixth and OKC manages to choke and fall to third. Personally, I’d rather have them than Denver or the Clippers in the first round- especially since we’re dangerously close to being out of luck on home court if the current level of play is to continue.

    … but I do have to say that I was amused to see the ass-handing Denver got in NOLA last night. LOL

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