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It’s about time the Grizzlies blew out a team. Any team. It just hasn’t happened enough for a team that claims itself as a contender.

This game was surely a blowout, but at the possible cost of Darrell Arthur for a game or two depending on how nasty his head and neck injury turns out to be.

Can’t really call it a “lucky seven” things for this game-luck gave way to execution and, well, darn it, being the better team by a fair measure.

Maybe we’ll tip the cap to musical deity and man of amazement John Coltrane, the most famous performer of one of the greatest tunes ever (sure, Rogers, Hammerstein, Julie Andrews, blahblahblah)-“My Favorite Things” about this game…
..don’t lie, you all love the Sound of Music-but no human could *possibly* listen to Coltrane on that alto sax and not recognize his interpretation as the best ever.

Ok, the game.

-DEXTER PITTMAN SIGHTING! The sequence where he had his shot blocked not once, but twice, and still managed to get a hoop and an and-one was not fun to watch, but at least he didn’t turn, shake his head, and run back on D after getting rejected. After such a win, we’ll not mention that a dude that tall shouldn’t be getting rejected anyway, but it was nice to see his repeated efforts. Is he the new Haddadi? Well, we’ll see about that-but dependent on matchups, he could see a bit of time. March is long and arduous.

-Leuer. With the bumps and bruises currently being suffered by the Grizzlies’ PF corps, it was good to see him get a bit of run, albeit against not exactly a staggering level of competition. Seems to have a reasonable idea where to put himself on offense, and will have major problems keeping up with quick 4’s on D. If he can develop a bit more confidence in what his size can do for him inside, he, like Pittman, could see time against favorable matchups. 3-4 with 4 boards in 17 minutes. We all hope and pray that DA is not hurt, but if he is again concussed, Leuer will likely see more court time if ZBo isn’t back. Against Portland’s bench, Leuer should be able to hold down the fort.

-Ed. Davis. My co-blogger Chip has stated many times he wanted Davis instead of Henry in that draft, and I’ve agreed with him-and our confidence in his NBA ability is beginning to be proven right. Again, the caveat, this wasn’t exactly the frontline of the Clippers he battled today-but his combination of athletic ability and smart nose for the rebound is going to help him along to a good NBA career. A nice double-double, with three blocks and a goaltend that wasn’t far from being a fourth rejection. Would it have made sense if the Griz traded Gay for Davis straight up had it been within cap rules? Well, let’s not go quite that far…but Ed Davis is surely a welcome addition to the Grizzlies. Ten and ten for the game, and, like Leuer, he helped the ZBo-less Grizzlies rebound 14 of their own 39 misses. Over 33%, and that’s just fine with me.

-Three-point shooting…who cares who the opponent was, for a team like the Grizzlies, an 11-24 game is a thing of wonder, and a dvd for the Grizzlies’ shooters to watch and try to repeat.

-Marc Gasol. Best center in the game. Argue if you must, Dwight, but as a combination of skills, Marc’s right there.

Time for the Grizzlies to get home and get some rest for the next couple days-the consistently unpredictable (huh?) Portland Trailblazers come to town Wednesday.

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