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3 Shades of Blue was able to sit down with Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien last Friday for a quick conversation on what the Grizzlies have done this season, what they want to accomplish the rest of the season and where they see the team going in the future.

Levien, co-owner of the Washington DC United soccer team, was named CEO on November 4th when new owner Robert Pera took control from Michael Heisley. Levien has previous experience running an NBA team with Sacramento from 2008-2010 and was co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers from 2011 until moving to Memphis. Prior to that Levien was a sports agent who negotiated contracts for Luol Deng, Kevin Martin and Omri Casspi among others.

Levien was very open and honest in answering our questions and we hope our readers learn something from his comments.

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One Response to Conversation with Jason Levien

  1. chriskf1No Gravatar says:


    This was a fantastic interview. With the exception of Wallace’s status you asked all the questions. And to Levien’s credit his responses were as direct as I’ve ever heard them.

    One thing I did note — and I’m honestly not trying to beat the guy up or accuse him of anything — was immediately following many of Levien’s responses he does a lip-bite thing that is a classic indication of lying.

    The most pronounced example is at the 9-minute mark following the Hollins contract question where he pairs the lower-lip bite with an exagerated sideways glance immediately after saying “I admire the work he’s done.” Two classic indications of someone who is not telling the truth.

    Now the lip-bite can also be an indication of a stresful subject, and an ongoing contract negotiation could certainly qualify. So that might be what drove those involuntary reactions. But the Hollins answer jumped off the screen when I saw it the first time and when I re-watched the entire interview Zapruder-style, the other instances clearly showed up as well. I don’t want to wish undue stress on anyone, but I certainly hope that’s what was driving Levien’s micro-expressions and not the alternative.

    Anyway… fantastic interview.

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