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One last chance for those people interested. 

Are you a die-hard Memphis Grizzlies fan?

Have you ever wanted to be in a commercial to prove it?

Have you ever wished you could get free tickets or cash for being such a great fan?

Honestly, anyone reading this blog falls into this category so just admit we are talking about you.

Well here is your chance to show you are a die-hard Grizzlies fan in a commercial and get paid. Is this a great country or what?

Sunday, March 25th-Tuesday, March 27th the Dan Bell Casting company will be in Memphis looking for fans of the Grizzlies for a commercial to be shot in April.

It will be an ad for Comcast/Xfinity so you should subscribe to their services if you want to be selected.

It is easy to get an interview. Simply shoot an email to:

Include in the email these five informational nuggets:
1) Your Name
2) Age
3) Your availability to interview
4) Why you love the Memphis Grizzlies
5) Contact Information (phone/email)
6) Who your cable provider is

If chosen you will be paid $500 and some fans may even get free tickets to a future Grizzlies game. The commercial will be shot in early April and include shots from a Grizzlies game.

It is advisable to get your friends together with you. Groups are encouraged and in fact they want groups. So take a few friends, neighbors or even those strangers hanging out on the corner late at night.

Well maybe not those strangers on the corner but you get what we are talking about here.

This is an honest to goodness chance to be somebody. No casting couches (unless you are into that sort of thing and if so please contact 3 Shades of Blue at

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3 Responses to Your Chance to Be Somebody!

  1. CageNo Gravatar says:

    Chip, lets go together! Go Grizz!

  2. mikeNo Gravatar says:

    :( i live in canada

  3. JamesNo Gravatar says:

    i live in taiwan…

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