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Even though he didn’t see a minute of playing time in the Grizzlies March 27 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves, it still remains Gilbert Arenas’ first home game at FedEx Forum.

Coach Lionel Hollins talked about why Gilbert hasn’t played much — has more to do with Arenas, like Zach Randolph, getting into NBA shape after being away from the game so long. But, also like Zach’s current role off the bench, it has to do with sticking with the Grizzlies’ proven winning formula over the past several games — going with the known vs. the unknown, which is why Pargo and Mayo have been getting the call to spell Mike Conley, not Arenas.

Doesn’t seem to bother Gibert one bit. In a fairly long post game interview, Arenas talked about his time away from the NBA, his scoring average at the Orlando YMCA and why he’s not going to tweet during the NBA season.

And for those of you wondering: OF COURSE, I asked him about the blog that helped bring him to Memphis. He said, “I heard about that, but I don’t read the blogs much. I’ll have to thank that guy!” OF COURSE, I mentioned that I was the one who wrote it. Me: “You’re welcome!” = Lame. But he flashed that friendly Arenas grin and shook my hand. Overall, it was cool. It was about this time that I realized that my dumb – er, I failed to hit the record button. So I got not one second of that exchange.

But what I DID get was classic Gil: Talk to the guy for a 8 minutes, you feel like you know him. Thoughtful, funny, relaxed . . . absolutely NOT a thug. In this clip, he talks about life on the couch, averaging 65 points a game at the Orlando YMCA, why he doesn’t watch the Spurs play basketball and perhaps the most disappointing news to come out of the interview: Why he won’t be tweeting during an NBA season. Have fun!

Special shout out to Kelley D. Evans, who covers the Grizz for the Tri-State Defender, and Chris Vernon of the Legendary Chris Vernon Show (and another journalist who shall go unnamed because . . . well, I don’t know his name). For reasons I still don’t understand, none of the other media seemed too interested in talking with Agent X, so this is pretty exclusive stuff.

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4 Responses to The Gilbert Arenas Interview (Video)

  1. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    Lee, thank you for all of your contributions to this site! Love the interview, love Gil’s attitude.

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    After seeing interviews like this, hearing Gil on the radio etc.. I just don’t see this guy being a problem in Memphis. Even if he never works his way into the rotation, I see nothing but positives about having this guy in the lockerroom.

  3. GrizRebNo Gravatar says:

    I hope that he has a breakout game or 20 this year. Or he at least can bring that needed experience when it matters most, during the playoffs.

  4. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome stuff! I think the Grizz might have gotten him just in time to get in shape and learn enough to help us during a playoff run. BTW for anyone that has never seen this guy play … PLEASE do yourself a favor and Utube some of his highlight reels.

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