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The 76ers are getting younger. (OK, that was terrible. I apologize.)

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the 76ers have acquired forward Sam Young from Memphis for a 2005 second round pick, Ricky Sanchez. Sanchez is currently in Argentina.

Young is in the final year of a three-year rookie deal making a little less than $1 million.

He beefs up Philly on the wing, which is something the team needs now that Evan Turner is in the starting five. He makes an already deep bench deeper, adds some defense and a little bit of scoring.

Young was the 36th overall pick in the 2009 draft by the Grizzlies after being named first-team all Big East his senior season at Pitt. Young has averaged 6.9 points in his three seasons with Memphis during his 17.5 minutes per game.

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14 Responses to Report: 76ers acquire Sam Young from Memphis

  1. JaredNo Gravatar says:

    I assume this way only done for tax reasons?

  2. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    Make room for Arenas!

  3. james barry stricklinNo Gravatar says:

    i am confused . i understand getting under the cap ,but, are there plans for rick sanchez to join us , if he does not play we are down one foward and now we trade for another who ,or, who might not play for the grizz . this is wierd to say the least . my head is spinning ,i have to ask the grizzles “whats the true reason darn it ” ! what are you doing to my franchise that i love to watch ,but,we had the chance to get a great player to helpmarc and the guys ,who do we get hmmm wait for it ,ahh, rick sanchez? from where argentina , is there any shot at him coming here ,if not the grizzlies sacrificed a great player in young .

    • BabbNo Gravatar says:

      “i have to ask the grizzles whats the true reason darn it”

      Your answer: They did it to get under the luxury tax so they can collect on the league’s shared revenues. The amount of these revenues are unknown to me but I have heard rumors that they are well in excess of 10+ million thus making sam young very expendable.

      -My question is this.. if the motivation was to get under the tax and we are thinking of taking on Arenas who else are we going to move?

    • Dalian MorganNo Gravatar says:

      It was probably done to make room for Gilbert Arenas to be our backup PG

  4. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    I would love to have Arenas in that second unit. When ZBO is back, that would make us a suddenly pretty deep team.

  5. Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, I’m gonna go with clearing space for an Arenas signing. I kinda pointed to that when I proposed pursuing Arenas a few weeks ago.

    As for Sanchez, it just gets us the rights. There’s no money on the table so it saves the team some loot.

  6. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    its hard to find anything on Sanchez, but I did find some of his D-League numbers. he is a 6’11 Forward, he is 24 years old, and in 74 games in the D-league he started 19 times, 25.5 MPG, .414 FG%, .386 3p%, .719 FT%, 0.5 OFF, 3.2 DEF, 3.7 RPG, 1.5 APG, 0.7 SPG, 0.6 BPG, 1.47 TO, 3.00 PF, 10.3 PPG. now these are D-League stats from I dont know when, so he may be playing better, or worse at this point. maybe someone else can find something on him that is more current

    • james barry stricklinNo Gravatar says:

      i would like to know if ths sanchez character is coming to memphis ,or will he be delt somewhere else like philly did us and we could get a second round pick.

  7. JmanonbassNo Gravatar says:

    Manning in Nashville and Arenas in Memphis, this could be an interesting year.

  8. JonathanNo Gravatar says:

    Hollinger said it was a straight salary dump, no money going to Sanchez and he isn’t considered a prospect at this point.

  9. james barry stricklinNo Gravatar says:

    i saw sam young play on fs south and when sam young played more than 17 min he had at least 13 a night , he is a starting player like mayo , and he does have a nice jump shot ,he wears his emotins on hias sleeve ,and his game i somewhat like julius erving ,with out the giant hands . i mean he was a smooth type of player he could find a way to slam the ball ,frankly he outplayed rudy gay and they were dumb enough notr to trade gay fro a first rounder , i have to ask what are the grizzlies doing ,and i still say get rid of haddadi or play him , when he plays more that 15 min he scores and blocks shotsbut if he doesnt ive seen him shrivil up , he does not play like 7 ft 2 all the time he defers like a point guard , ps , we have one mike conely. and we are not playin selby , keep him down in the d -league untill they are ready to play him he can ball but not without playing timwe ,they wasted thier pick on him.

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