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I’m getting kinda good at this prediction thing.

On the old Commercial Appeal Grizz forums, I made a case for Allen Iverson coming to the Memphis Grizzlies. And it happened. (Sorry about that. Then again, the team gelled under Lionel Hollins after he handled the situation the way he did, so I’m not THAT sorry.)

Then I made a case for why the Grizzlies should pursue a trade for Zach Randolph. Not sorry about that one at all.

And just over a week ago, I made a case for why the Grizzlies should sign free agent PG Gilbert Arenas. And as it turns out, Arenas is in town to work out for the team, maybe signing for the postseason push. has a 5-on-5, and they all agree that Arenas is NOT the way to go for our beloved blue bears.

Went to the Grizz-Wizards game Sunday, and got a chance to hear what Tony Allen had to say about a possible Arenas pickup:

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10 Responses to Gilbert Arenas In Memphis To Work Out For Grizzlies

  1. mikeNo Gravatar says:

    maybe the grizzlies manager goes to this site for tips

  2. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    I am worried about this, I see it going one of two ways. #1, it is a Z-BO type of deal, bad rep with lack of trust in his skills, turns out that we are wrong and the Magic of Memphis turns Agent Zero into a HUGE asset for the Griz. or #2, Allen Iverson all over again, we get excited about the signing, then his ego gets in the way and the whole situation goes to hell. I hope for the sake of Gilbert and for the Grizz, that if we do sign him, he suprises us and the whole league with stellar play off the bench and has a lack of an ego that would clash with our team chemistry. we will see where this goes, but i think it is safe to say if he causes problems, this city will be glad to boot him from our Grindhouse, but if he turns out to be something special, the we have another cult hero on our hands. BIG TIME 3’s and a winning attitude is what I am praying for.

  3. ReginaldNo Gravatar says:

    The West is wide open this year. The Grizz match up well with the Lakers and Thunder and the Spurs. We are one sprained ankle to Conley to seeing our dream go up in smoke. IF Arenas can give solid, consistent and stable 20 minute nights backing up Conley, there isn’t a reason why we shouldn’t win the West this year. Hollins has proven that he runs the clubhouse and if Arenas doesn’t buy into the grit n grind mentality, waive him. That simple. He wants back in the NBA. If he doesn’t do it now, he won’t do it.

  4. Joe SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Hollins is a no-bs coach. It’s his way or the highway. From the reports off facebook, Gil looked good in his workout. Shot the ball well and looked slimmed down and explosive. If his physical attributes are there, and he buys into Hollins’ way, this team should win the west. I’ve posted this on numerous sites but:

    PG – Conley – Arenas – Pargo
    SG – Allen – Mayo – Arenas
    SF – Gay – Poindexter – Cunningham
    PF – Randolph – Speights
    C – Gasol – Speights

    This is the best and deepest team all around. IMO, our championship season relies on one person. That’s Speights. If he can get the PF and C positions down on D and get where he’s supposed to be on offense, we will win.

    On a side note, the following troublemakers made their way through Memphis with no issues:
    Jason Williams – led us to 3 Postseasons. He calmed down from the “White Chocolate” from the Kings era. He bought into Hubie’s Henchmen mentality
    Bonzi Wells – left his issues in Portland and Hubie made him a bonafide star again.
    Zach Randolph – well we know what happened with him :)

    Really only one primadonna acted out and he was quickly let go (I’m looking at you Allen Iverson).

    Let’s get this Championship Season ready. If we are healthy, I only fear 1 team, and it’s not in the West…I’m worried about the Miami matchup. I don’t think they can handle our bigs, but can we handle Wade and James? I hope so!

    • AussieGNo Gravatar says:

      JWill and Bonzi left under bad circumstances though, wanting more playing time under the 10 man rotation.. they rebelled against Hubie and in a way sped up his retirement. Unless I am remembering wrong. Up until that point (where it turned sour), they fit in well though.

  5. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    I’m nervous about it, but in the end I have full trust in Coach to maintain order. If arenas is another Iverson( which I don’t think he is, seeing as he’s used to playing off the bench by now), he’ll just be told to go home.

  6. JmanonbassNo Gravatar says:

    Hell yes.

  7. neo-realistNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations on giving Chris Wallace the idea to sign Arenas!! (See Chris Vernon twitter feed – Wallace told him it was your blog post that gave him the idea to work out Arenas)

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