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And now for something different: I’m live at Grizz-Wiz on a beautiful Sunday afternoon . . . fun game so far . . . Will be updating regularly. Noticeably missing in action for the Wiz: Trade deadline pickup Nene. Don’t even see him on the bench. Otherwise . . . Picking up halfway through the Second Quarter:

2Q/6:00: Jeremy Pargo threw down a monster dunk that had the Forum buzzing for a solid minute. You’ll see it on the highlights. . . . An unexpected benefit of Zach’s return: Could Jeremy Pargo fulfill the promise he showed at the beginning of the shortened season?

2Q/4:59: Ugly percentages for both teams: Shooting under 42 percent. Grizz are blowing too many layups . . .

2Q/2:32: Free throw shooting has to improve also. Marc just missed two . . . team down to (gulp) 57 percent.
First Half Thoughts:
Grizz are shooting a dismal 37 percent, while giving up 44 percent shooting to the Wiz. And yet, still only down 3 points at the half. Offensive rebounding and overall rebounding appear to be what’s keeping the Grizz in the game. But I’m still stunned to say that . . . we’re trying to KEEP IN THE GAME with a team missing Nene? Sheesh.
3Q/11:11: Zach starts the second half.  Still too much penetration by the Wiz. Unacceptable. . . .
3Q/8:30: Mike Conley scores consecutive baskets . . . that’s a good sign, when he’s looking to score, the offense flows better.
3Q/4:34: A thought watching the Grizz offense with the presumed starting/finishing five on the floor (Conley,Allen, Gay, Randolph, Gasol): The phrase “Elephant in the room” comes to mind. I’m thinking of Zach. It’s like everyone knows the ball should be going to him. But they haven’t quite figured out how to address getting him the ball. Team looks a little discombobulated out there. I say just let Zach snag offensive rebounds for put backs and ease into running plays for him.
3Q/1:31:  Mostly second unit out there now . . . we get to see a lineup of Pargo/Mayo/Gay/Cunningham/Speights. If this unit can prove to have any offensive punch, it will mean a lot for the playoff push.
4Q/9:30: Wizards run off a quick 7 points to close a lead down to 3. With John Wall on the bench. And it’s interesting that Q. Pondexter isn’t getting more minutes. Rudy just got called for goaltending.
4Q/7:41: Tony Allen subs in for O.J. On next dead ball, Zach comes in for Dante. So we’ll get to see how the Fab Five finish out a close game. . .
4Q/3:20: Grizz up by seven. Shooting percentage back down to 40 percent to the Wiz’ 44. And yet, we’re winning. Toughing it out.
4Q/0:50: Four point game . . . Can’t let John Wall get to the rim . . . But then Rudy ices a 3 that pretty much seals it. Nice!
FINAL: 97-92 Grizz win! Rudy Gay has a monster game of 27 points, 9 boards. Zach’s second game back: A respectable 13-9 in 24 minutes of action. It will be interesting to see the Grizz Frontline rotation from here on out. Not only is the team deep on the frontline, it also is versatile, and Speights/Cunningham can certainly reduce the minutes burned by Zach & Marc. Good win for the team in a game that was closer than it seems it should have been. Stand by for more coverage from 3SOB!
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6 Responses to As It Happens: Live Blogging MEM-WAS

  1. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    something i just noticed on, Derek Fisher is working on a buyout of his contract with the rockets, and they are saying he should clear waivers by wed, so maybe this is a good idea for a temp solution for the Griz back up PG problem, I like D-Fish better then Arenas at this point

    • JaredNo Gravatar says:

      Fisher would almost definitely put us over the luxury tax threshold. His current contract which is being bought out is 3.4 million and we barely have a few hundred thousand in room. If they could get an agreement where his new contract was only for a fraction of his old one and they only had to prorate it for the end of the season, perhaps its possible to get him. But if it causes the team to go over the threshold, then it is not worth it. It would cost the owners millions (perhapts 10-15 million) of dollars to sign one guy to a backup role for 2 months.

  2. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    Fisher is awful.

  3. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    The reason Arenas is attractive is in big part due to his price tag being low.

  4. CarlCRNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Lee for the live blog.
    As for Fish, he’d probably rather go back to LAL.

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