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Well, the news isn’t good regarding Rudy Gay and his shoulder. There have been many opinions that the Grizzlies will soon bear fork marks, but there have been many who (like me) think it’s best to leave that grill hardware alone for the moment.

My reasons? Make the jump and find out.

Reason one: TONY ALLEN. Sure, it’s easy to see why on the court-winged assassin on defense, got those hops back on offense. Still shows a bit too much willingness to launch from outside, but he has shown a real ability to get in the right place at the right time for backdoor cuts and lane flashes. He’s corraled his offense. For the moment anyway.

But the real reason that Tony Allen is making it happen is best illustrated by something I saw on his always-awesome twitter page: in reference to his teammates, he used the phrase “my troops”. General Allen, lead ’em on. He’s been to and through this war, and he knows, maybe better than anyone else on the team, just how hard a team must ratchet up the intensity to survive a dogfight of a playoff race and then perform once they get there.

What does Tony have to do? He’s got to stay on the court more. Sure, the intensity-based foul trouble is worth the cost right now, but as the playoff race reaches its fruition, it’s going to be more important than ever for Allen to avoid any “two in the first three minutes” situations.

Reason two: ZBo. He’s been as automatic as ever….mostly. The reportedly-nearing extension for him, I humbly submit, will only increase his on-court desire after he sees just how far into ten digits Heisley and Wallace appreciate him. ZBo does have an ego about his offensive game in particular, and he’d love nothing more than to throw a bit more sand in the faces of his detractors by leading the Grizzlies’ post-centric offense to the playoffs.

What does ZBo have to do? Pull the Griz’ fat from the fire in a big game one or two more times. The roster has achieved much better balance,

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