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Not that the rest of the team resisted being “dragged”, by any means. Well, it’s still far from a foregone conclusion about the postseason…but Tony Allen ONCE AGAIN changed the game in the third quarter. Not the Griz’ most shining win of the season, but y’know what? It’s number 42. That, my friends, assures that the Griz will have a winning season. Meaningless, but great.

With the Houston Kyle Lowrys taking a loss at Philly tonight (bet that one stung for Kyle), the Grizzlies go three in front of Houston with seven to go.

Getting closer…and the Grizzlies did the things they do this night against the Warriors. Not every single thing was just the same, though….

…the offense was actually stellar, save for the second quarter, but it was more efficient than ever. Twenty-eight assists and only seven measly total turnovers. That’d be 4:1, and “stellar” is exactly what that is.

Tonight’s roll call of awesome:

-Mike Conley. Didn’t think that’d be the first name on the list, didja? Well, seven dimes and a big fat donut in the TO column gets a mention. Not that his ast/to ratio is horrible, but it’s not top five either, so when he does it like this, it’s nice. Yes, it didn’t exactly come against a primo set of backcourt defenders, and they were coming off an excuciatingly long overtime loss the night before….but it’s also a backcourt that steals the ball a lot, and he gave up zilch. His counterpart, Stephen Curry, went 2-14 with six TO’s. The two threes Conley hit, as his three-pointers are wont to be, were VERY well-timed in the flow of the game. 8-13. That’s pretty darned efficient.

-Speaking of efficient, ZBo. 8 of 11,a steal, 13 rebounds, and….six assists? huh? Really? ZBo will never be totally immune to jackitup disorder, but he’s learned to make it a chronic condiiton as opposed to a constant acute problem. This night, ZBo could likely have run roughshod over the W’s frontcourt, and did in Q4-but he knew he didn’t have to. I’m sure he took some, ahem, vocal instruction from Hollins at halftime about rebounding with more vigor, but lo and behold, he hit his numbers.

-Tony Allen. That’s right. Him again. The leader of the Grizzlies. Can’t resist mentioning this constantly-does everyone remember when he was rotting on the end of the bench at season’s outset? Strange, strange. I’m sure Hollins and Allen remember it well. Tony Allen is the difference between this season’s team that’s been doing well since the ASB even without Rudy and last season’s team who wilted somewhat after the monumental MLK Day win over the Suns. Defense. The guy is just a machine. He saw which Warriors were getting tired first and went to those players’ passing lanes. He knew who was going to put up a lazy shot early in the clock and read the angle to score a good rebound. Keep grindin’, Tony. We’re all diggin’ it.

That’s all I got for the moment…a sick 2.5 year-old will flat wear a man out when he’s sick and Mommy’s traveling for work.

MAN do I wish that life would allow me to be in NO for the game Friday…that one is IMMENSE, Grizzlies-get ready…

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