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Well we finally get to the hard choices that makes the difference between great teams that stay great and the rest of the league.Memphis’ selection at #25 can make a huge difference in the success of the draft. Will they pull the proverbial rabbit out of a hat? Will they catch lightning? Will they drop the ball once again? Or will they admit their lack of skill with later picks and trade them for a veteran who could come in and produce?

Chances are high that either this pick or the Grizzlies 28th pick won’t end up on the Grizzlies roster this coming season. Whether or not that is a good thing depends on both who the Grizzlies get and who they could have gotten with that pick.


The Mock Draft has gone as follows:

1.Washington John Wall (Kyle Weidie of Truth About
2. Philadelphia Evan Turner (Carey Smith of Philadunkia)
3.New Jersey Derrick Favors(Sebastian Pruiti of NetsAreScorching)
4.Minnesota Wesley Johnson(Zach Harper of A Wolf Among Wolves)
5. Sacramento DeMarcus Cousins(Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom)
6.Golden State Greg Monroe(Rasheed Malek of
7. Detroit Ekpe Udoh(Dan Feldman of PistonPowered)
8.L.A. Clippers Al-Farouq Aminu (D.J. Foster of ClipperBlog)
9.Utah Xavier Henry(Spencer Hall of Salt City Hoops)
10. Indiana Paul George(Tim Donahue of Eight Points, Nine Seconds)
11. New Orleans Cole Aldrich(Joe Gerrity of Hornets247)
12. Memphis Ed Davis(Chip Crain of 3 Shades of Blue)
13. Toronto Avery Bradley(Zarar Siddiqi of Raptors Republic)
14. Houston Patrick Patterson(Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm)
15. Milwaukee Gordon Hayward(Jeremy Schmidt of
16. Minnesota Hassan Whiteside(Zach Harper of A Wolf Among Wolves)
17. Chicago Luke Babbitt (Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm)
18. Miami Eric Bledsoe(Surya Fernandez of Hot Hot Hoops)
19. Boston James Anderson (Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm)
20. San Antonio Damion James(Tim Varner of 48 Minutes of Hell)
21.Oklahoma City Daniel Orton(Royce Young of
22. Portland (Ezra Ace Caraeff of The Portland Roundball Society)
23. Minnesota (Zach Harper of A Wolf Among Wolves)
24. Atlanta(Bret LaGree of Hoopinion)

So with the Grizzlies pick at #25 I believe the team will take…

Dominique Jones from South Florida.

Dominique JonesSome people are probably wondering who Dominique Jones is. Well let me educate you. Jones is a 6-5 shooting guard with a 6-9 wingspan and 8-5 reach. To put those numbers in perspective Dwayne Wade is just under 6-5 with a 6-10 wingspan and 8-6 reach. If DWayne Wade can guard the 2 spot in the NBA then Jones’ size won’t be a deterant for him either.

Like Dwayne Wade, Dominique Jones is a high usage shooter but he’s also pretty efficient. That is a rare combination. Memphis already has Sam Young and possibly Ronnie Brewer who can play the 2 spot but neither of those players are capable ofpressuring defenses like Jones. Jones isn’t a fantastic outside shooter but he is capable and his 52% shooting from 2 pt range is phenomenal for a lead scoring two guard. Throw on to his scoring stats his 6.1 rpg and 3.6 apg and his ability to get to the line makes him a player that could pair with Conley or Mayo playing the point and not hurt the team defensively.

JonesTo be an excellent choice Jones will need to prove he can defend taller SG’s in the league and improve his jump shot from the perimeter. Jones’ ability to drive the ball is great but teams will adapt to that and take it away. As a passer Jones’ is unknown but not from lack of trying to spread the ball around. He simply didn’t have enough talent around to pass the ball. Jones has shown the ability to dribble under pressure so he and Mayo could team to make a dangerous combination backcourt.

Jones plays a physical defensive style which will probably limit his effectiveness as a rookie but unlike many players coming from college Jones isn’t afraid to mix it up. His 1.7 spg is very good for a player known primarily as a scorer on his team and he doesn’t get those stats by cheating into lanes. He is a body up, pressure defender who’s taken a large number of charges.

So Jones has a lot of great qualiities but is not overwhelming in any one area. A kind of Jack of All Trades, Jones’ rough edges should be able to be worked out rather painlessly.

If the Grizzlies don’t take Jones look for Jordan Crawford from Xavier’s name to pop up. Crawford is more of a true shooting guard than Jones which may not work in a backcourt with Mayo but if the Grizzlies arecomfortable in a true PG at #28 they may not feel as big a need for a combo type of guard at #25. Lance Stephenson could also enter the picture at this pick.


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