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Okay. The big draft night has come and gone. We havefour new faces joining the team and from the looks of things the Grizzlies plan on keeping all of them for at least the time being.

So where does that leave the Grizzlies now?

Well first and foremost the Grizzlies have 13 players under contract for the upcoming season. One of them is Greg Buckner who has a $1 million buyout of his contract. I have been led to believe that the team intends to exercise their option to buyout Buckner so that makes 12 players under contract.Another isHakim Warrick, who has been extended the Qualifying Offer. If he doesn’t sign with another team during the summer (and the Grizziles do have the right of 1st refusal with Hak) then the team may not need to make any additions to the roster.

That seems highly unlikely however. First, if the Grizzlies fail to exercise their buyout option on Greg Buckner they will owe him an additional $7 million in salary above the $1 million buyout. With the additions of DeMarre Carroll, Sam Young and Quentin Richardson that seems a bit excessive for a perimeter player.

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