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UPDATE: A few months ago, I posted this video which pays homage to Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s unstoppable skyhook, in hopes our green Tanzanian center would watch it:

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According to Kareem himself, Hasheem may have been paying attention. From HoopsHype:

Has any of the current centers in the NBA asked you about giving them advice to do the Sky Hook? If not, who would be the ideal center to perform your legendary shot?

KAJ: Hasheem Thabeet has shown some interest in working with me and I think he would be a very good student if he applied himself. I also think Dwight Howard would do very well if he could master a hook shot in his arsenal. He is such a great athlete and would be able to put it to good use.

And if you missed it, he’s been working with Hakeem Olajuwon as well . . .

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Hmmm . . . Thabeet working with both Kareem and Hakeem. Someday, he might actually have a claim to this “Hasheem The Dream” business after all . . .

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