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I seem to keep hearing about this Spanish guy. There seems to be quite a bit of hoopla about him-barely old enough to drive himself to games, played professionally since he was 14, and some other such ballyhoo. “Rumbio”, “Rumbloo”, something-or-other.

Ok. I’m kidding. We all know VERY well, perhaps too well, who Ricky Rubio is and the circumstances surrounding his entry into this year’s NBA draft.

Now let me find my horns and pitchfork real quick here…

…and play a bit of devil’s advocate and provide a few reasons why the Grizzlies should NOT target Rubio asa player they’d like to actually see in a Grizz uni this fall, or even as trade fodder/bait/etc…

-uh, well, he’s only 18…and who knows if and how his physique will or won’t improve over the next ten to fifteen years to allow him to put up with the grueling NBA (and it goes without saying, international basketball) schedule?

-uh, Mike Conley shot over 40% from 3 last season, and he’s fairly cemented into the starting PG position for the Grizzlies.

-uh, OJ could play PG for the Grizzlies also.


The vision and acumen this kid has for the game is patently absurd for a person of his age. The mancrush on Conley (and I’m far from a Conley hater-I think he has a very bright future ahead of him in the NBA) that the organization possesses must not stand in the way of taking the second-best talent in this year’s draft. The reasons to take him are well-known, and they are valid, not the least of which is charisma. This kid has it in buckets. Charisma, however, comes in a distant second in importance to how much this guy could improve the Grizzlies on-court. He’s not a midget, has a killer wingspan, has wisdom beyond his years with regard to choosing the pass, knows how to play passing lanes on D, the litany rolls on.

TO IMPROVE THE TEAM. Mission number one…or at least it should be that for the Grizzlies’ FO.

And Rubio is the quickest path to doing that to the greatest degree, unless CLE comes around with number 23 on a plate.

Oh, to watch Rubio and Boozer run the pick-and-roll.

Pure fantasy….one that will likely never see the light of day (in Grizzlies uniforms, anyway), but a man can dream….

Skill and talent trumps all.

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