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Long before the days of blogging here at 3 Shades of Blue, I used to be a regular poster over at the Commercial Appeal’s Grizzlies forum. Thinking back on some things I posted back in the day, I thought I’d trawl through the archives and see exactly what the heck I said — Seems appropriate at the end of the summer in which the Grizzlies acquire Zach Randolph and Allen Iverson. Mostly for giggles . . .

Quick shouts to the old gang over at the CA Forum: Dead Air Dave, grizzdoc, Straightman, Memphis Slim, Southern Dreadz, Metallica . . .

From the Thread: “Pau Traders, Where U At?” Started January 16, 2008 (Before the trade to the Lakers):

Word out of New York is that Zach Randolph is begging Isaiah Thomas for a trade. For details:′,’121′

Let’s do the math:

Salaries: Virtually identical. The trade could be done straight up.
Years: Identical. Four years each.
Age, Weight: They weigh the same. Zach is a year younger.

Some would say Zach is a head case. Maybe so. We’ve also griped about the Grizz not having enough of an attitude, which Zach might help fix–in which case, do you take the good with the bad? In any case, I doubt anybody’s going to call Zach “soft.” And I wonder if Zach’s nightmare in NY would make him want to be a good citizen at his next stop. Maybe ask his former teammate, Damon.

Although Pau’s 3 inches taller, their stats are virtually identical. Pau gets 1 more assist per game; Zach gets more rebounds. Zach also gets 3 fewer minutes. But Zach is a straight up bull in the post. Click on this link to look at the numbers head to head.

For the record (Dave), I’m not advocating this trade, nor am I against it. For one thing, Zach’s reputation kills his value somewhat, so it would be overkill to send Pau for him. I doubt the Knicks would go for it, but we could send Stro (PF), Damon, ABrown and Casey (expiring) for Zach. Isaiah’s done dumber deals than that.

I’m posting this because I’m just curious if the Pau haters out there would do this deal. We almost certainly would get tougher overnight. And we get to git rid of the face of the best player in Grizz history . . . who also happens to be the face of Grizz postseason futility (0-12).

Meanwhile, we’d be banishing Pau to Hell. Even Zeke’s not dumb enough to turn down Pau if we offered him. And we’d be sending him East, so we wouldn’t have to look at him all the time, or have him meet us in the playoffs. And New York would certainly be a better fit culturally for him. And really . . . how long can Isaiah stay around with the team this bad?

What do you say, Pau traders? Would this be an acceptable shake up?

Continuing to make the case, in a follow up posting . . .

There are a lot of reasons to consider a deal like this, and not all of them have directly to do with basketball. If we moved Pau, then we’d be signaling to the fan base that this is now Rudy/Conley’s team (anybody notice that Pau’s face has been replaced by Rudy’s on the Grizz site?). I think Dave is right: when you think about the demographics of Memphis (and yes, I’m talking about black people, like me), the city is far more likely to relate to a player with a checkered past like Randolph than a skinny European white guy with a slightly effeminate walk.

Black fans would embrace somebody not so clean cut. When you think about it, that was a huge part of Jason Williams’ appeal in Memphis. Even though he was white, he had a certain edge about him. Other players who Memphis would welcome like that would be Artest, Iverson, Sheed. Any of those guys would be gods in Memphis.

Given that the numbers match so much and both teams are in need of a shakeup, I’d seriously consider this. At the same time, I do believe that Pau would thrive in this system and that once this team gels, it will be a sight to behold. I also would be nervous about having Randolph in the locker room tainting our young players’ minds.

Of course, the trade DID happen . . . . by way of Los Angeles (twice) and New York. What Zach brings to the team remains to be seen. But I saw it coming . . .

Coming soon: “I Saw It Coming . . . the Allen Iverson Edition.”

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