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Okay . . gotta be glass half full . . . remember this nugget we found in Tillery’s story on Hasheem Thabeet earlier this week . . .

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim once emphatically seconded that sentiment.

“He changes the game,” Boeheim said following a loss to UConn, who were led by Thabeet’s 16 rebounds, seven blocks and eight points.

“You can’t go near the basket,” Boeheim said. “He scores enough and he rebounds. He dominates and he blocks shots. He blocked 14 points — all layups. He scared us in at least seven more shots. That’s 28 points. How valuable do you have to be? Some guy will score 26 points, is that guy more valuable than a guy who scares you away from 28 points? And he gets 16 rebounds as well as score a little. He’s by far the most dominant player in our league.”

Think good thoughts . . . and remember, they’re likely not done yet . . .

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