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Ah, dyads. Such an interesting term. This is strictly my own opinion (i.e. no inside info), but I believe that there could be some interesting “pairs” of players that the Grizzlies could target either in the draft or through free agency this summer to address the approximately one zillion roster needs the Grizzlies have. There are two that stand out, and a couple more that seem worthy of mention.


-Griffin/Boozer. The oft-noted comparison made between these two players is, while not entirely accurate, valid to a degree. Athletic, nose for the ball, with strength to get the work done in the painted area. There even seems to be a minor injury thing with these two..although that little commonality isn’t quite as exciting as the others. The stated intent of the Grizzlies’ FO to upgrade the PF position was dealt a blow when the second, not first, pick was the lottery result, negating any chance of getting Griffin…and Boozer is the sole UFA of this summer who could provide the drastic performance upgrade the Grizzlies need at the PF position. Will the Grizzlies make a run at Boozer? No one knows…

-Curry/ Ben Gordon. Both of these players have scoring at the top of the list of “things I can do for your team”, and that’s just fine. With all the “defense wins championships” platitudes that rain down so constantly, folks forget that players like Curry and Ben Gordon are such talented scorers that they can defeat even the best defense when “on”. Whether Curry is able to rise to the top of the list of candidates that the Grizz are considering should they exercise the #2 pick for themselves and not another team is by most accounts a longshot….but…IF (and that is an unsubstantiated, opinionated “if”) the Grizzlies had had Ben Gordon in mind and decided that he and his 20ppg ability were not attainable for the desired level of investment, could Curry be viewed as a “sure thing” in terms of attainability?

-an athletic shooter from the draft/Matt Barnes. Wayne Ellington, Dajuan Summers, there are a couple. At this level of player, it’s likely a better option to go for the younger player who is not a jack-happy shooter, a chronic fouler, and a wannabe ballhandler. Oh. And cheaper doesn’t hurt.

-Collison/Mills/et. al. or some vet scrap PG. See above, especially in terms of age.

One thing of which we can be sure-Michael Heisley will make the final decision on any of these issues. At least he’s COMPLETELY unafraid to be the last man standing, anyway…and I think the word “defense” will be very, very important in his decisionmaking process…..

rooks v. vets, offense v. defense, oh, the choices…

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