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Tony WrotenEarlier today, the Memphis Grizzlies announced their Summer League roster…which will not include Ed Davis, contrary to the thought processes of some people. (Seriously, click that link. It’s magical and awesome and hilarious.)

The SL team will be coached by Bob Thornton, as well as Lloyd Pierce and newcomer Duane Ticknor, in addition to Steve Jones and Jason March. The roster includes expected players like Tony Wroten, Jamaal Franklin, Janis Timma, Jon Leuer, Donté Greene, and Willie Reed. Joining them will be some familiar college players like Matt Howard (Butler) and Vander Blue (Marquette), as well as Jack Cooley (Notre Dame) and Laurence Bowers (Missouri). Former Milwaukee Buck, Darington Hobson, will suit up for Memphis, and overseas product Gerald Robinson will finish out the roster.

The full schedule for the Las Vegas Summer League can be found on

The league opens up on July 12, and the Grizzlies will play their first of three preliminary games the following day. Following that, they will be seeded into a tournament that will determine the first-ever Summer League champion

7/13 — Chicago vs. Memphis (7:00pm CT)
7/14 — Cleveland vs. Memphis (7:00pm CT)
7/16 — Phoenix vs. Memphis (7:30pm CT)

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8 Responses to Summer League Roster and Schedule

  1. MemphishNo Gravatar says:

    The Davis-Tillery back and forth is hilarious. Davis would probably destroy any big man in the SL and to Tillery’s point Mayo in SL was an experiment to see if he could be a PG. I don’t think we’re looking at Ed Davis trying to play another position or a different play style from what he already does. I do think Davis should have probably just let it go, but he’s got the right to fire back if he feels he was slighted.

  2. WellsNo Gravatar says:

    Personally, I think Ed would benefit from going, as it would give him more chances to work with Wroten, Franklin & Leuer. Wouldn’t he hate it if Joeger goes to playing Leuer over him because Leuer and Wroten developed some good chemistry and work better together as the backups to Mike and Zach!

    • MemphishNo Gravatar says:

      If it were that easy to develop chemistry, why wouldn’t a couple games in the regular season and practicing with them on a daily basis not develop chemistry? Not saying it is a bad idea, just saying if chemistry is the only reason to play in Summer league it is a waste of a spot on the roster. Let someone who needs a chance to prove himself get a shot.
      I love our Summer League team though. They’ll be fun to watch.

  3. Red ColemanNo Gravatar says:

    Summer League is glorified pickup games with referees, nothing more. It’s not about chemistry (since they’ll develop that in training camp and in practice) or “improving”, but about showing enough to prove that you can play in the NBA. Ed Davis has proven that — and he’ll get his chance to show everyone else that in October. Summer League would be a waste of time for him for a multitude of reasons.

  4. ccNo Gravatar says:

    Good piece JC…

    Hey Ron Tillery…your middle name is unspeakable Clown.
    Stay out the GRIZZ biz & quit getting personal.PERIOD!
    Not smart/not good for fans or players. DUH

    • ccNo Gravatar says:

      I don’t live in Memphis but am tired of his slant/ & crapola writing(lack of points).
      Trying to be contraversial(sp?) or?!
      Since CA is pay only anymore they falling off.

  5. GrizzFan2005No Gravatar says:

    I don’t think it was a bad idea for Davis to go to summer league. It’s a chance for the coaching staff to work with him in the way that that they will during the season, and get more reinforcement of what’s expected out of him from his coaches. It may be glorified pick up game, but it has structure, which is what he’ll be playing with during the season. It’s highly likely that if he’s playing pick up games, he’s not working on the skills necessary for real game situations. I don’t know Ed, so I could be wrong, but I played basketball, and it’s hard to truly work on what’s necessary in a mere pick up game. This has nothing to do with the fact that he’s surely better than most of the players in summer league. Andre Drummond is playing, and he’s better than Ed. It would actually make more sense if all the players were required to spend extended periods with their own coaching staff during the summer. I don’t see how this is somehow disrespectful to ask him to go out there.

  6. WellsNo Gravatar says:

    There was an interesting conversation today on the Gary Parrish show between Gary and Geoff Calkins about this situation. Some of the points:

    1) The only reporter that was allowed into Grizzlies practices this past season was Ron Tillery. Not Vernon, not Calkins, not Vecsey, only Tillery. So, he was the only reporter who saw Ed’s performance during practice. And Hollins made no bones about his policy that you earned playing time in games by what you did in practice.

    2) Parrish said he would regularly get tweets from followers about running into Ed Davis down in the Tunica casinos, usually during the middle of the day. Many of those tweets included pictures of Davis in Grizzlies sweats. Parrish said he never got tweets about any other Grizzlies players being seen down there.

    3) Calkins related the story of how during a pre-game practice, most of the Grizzlies bench (including Darrell Arthur) were on the court doing various drills. Davis was on the bench messing around on his phone. An assistant coach approached Davis and told him that he needed to be out there working with the team. Davis blew him off and went back to his phone.

    People wonder why Darrell got minutes and Ed didn’t. That last point, apparently witnessed by Calkins, tells you why in my opinion. Arthur worked for those minutes.

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