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No one has called the writers of 3 Shades of Blue prognosticators. After all, we are the guys who wrote a blog on why the Grizzlies wouldn’t trade Pau Gasol the day before he was traded to Los Angeles. We are the guys who said Rudy Gay wouldn’t be traded just days before he headed off to Toronto.

Of course we are also the guys who had Josh Selby as one of three potential draft picks of the Grizzlies the year they took him with the 49th pick in the 2011 draft and who wrote in January that Lionel Hollins likely would follow Art Howe as a successful coach sent packing at the end of his contract. We aren’t always wrong.

So it probably isn’t surprising that the authors of 3 Shades of Blue were willing to stick their necks and reputations out again and take a stab at not only one but all three potential 2nd round picks the Grizzlies have in the upcoming draft. This is not to say that the Grizzlies will actually make selections at these positions in the draft. Jason Levien and John Hollinger have both made comments about how much the team values 1st round draft picks this year and there are rumors that teams may be willing to trade down this year.

This year’s panel will consist of Jonathan May, Steve Danziger, Katee Forbis, Carl Chaplin, John Hugar and myself. Steve and I wrote the pre-game writeups this season. John Hugar is replacing me on the pre-games next season and covered the Western Conference last year. Carl Chaplin has been writing from Europe and Katee Forbis is the resident Twitter expert as well as an occasional writer.

So here we go…

With the 41st selection in the 2013 NBA Draft the Memphis Grizzlies select:

May: Archie Goodwin
– The talented freshman shooting guard from Kentucky has an incredibly high ceiling. If he played another year at Kentucky, he is probably a lottery pick in 2014. As we all know, Cal can’t let him hang around and take a spot away from next years Archie Goodwin. He is only 19 and will need to be developed with some patience, but could be a significant contributor in a year or two, particularly if his jump shot matures.

 Alex Abrines. Young, quick, skinny guard with range. He reminds me of former fan favorite Juan Carlos Navarro

Hugar: C.J. Leslie.
 His stock has gone down to the point that he might be available for the Grizz at 41. If he is, he’d be a great value pick. Could potentially develop into a starter, and if not, he’d have solid trade value.

Forbis: Archie Goodwin. A shooting guard with potential.

Chaplin: Erick Green. The Grizzlies need a good shooter

Crain: Andre Roberson.
I hate to rely on predictable outcomes by Roberson scorer incredibly high on Hollinger’s statistical metrics and is said to be falling in most executives eyes. Roberson is similar in style to Kenneth Faried with a similar outside shot but energy guys who can rebound translate well to the NBA.

With the 55th selection in the NBA Draft the Memphis select:

May: James Southerland
– I interviewed James this week and took a close look at his prospects in the NBA. He could be a Danny Green type player. Great length, good shooter, high energy guy. As with most Syracuse players, his ability to defend at the next level is unclear. However, he has the size and athleticism to defend on the perimeter or in the post, and having a 4 that can stretch the floor on offense would be a major bonus for the Grizzlies.

Danziger: Joffrey Lauverne. Long, athletic big who could stay in Europe for a bit, but could pan out nicely one day.

Hugar: B J Young. A big part of the upcoming season will be finding out if Tony Wroten can handle the backup PG role. If he can’t, Young would make a decent plan B. He’s a decent scorer and could turn out to be a bit like Jerryd Bayless.  

Forbis: Solomon Hill. A rare four-year college guy that is said to have a strong basketball IQ.

Chaplin: Archie Goodwin
. keep the shooters coming, surely one of them will click.

Crain: Livio Jean-Charles. Livio tore up the Nike Summit league but most of his scoring was around the basket, not on the perimeter. A tweener forward with great athleticism he lacks the one thing that is easiest to teach in the NBA, the corner 3 point shot.

And for the Mr. Irrelevant Award winner and final selection in the 2013 NBA Draft the Memphis Grizzlies select:

May: Adonis Thomas.
I know the popular pick among fans would be DJ, but I think Adonis still has the potential to be a major contributor in the NBA. I think DJ is a great “heart” guy, but I don’t see him ever having a significant impact at the next level. Adonis is far from perfect, but he has the size and athleticism to play in the NBA, but has some bad habits to break if he wants that opportunity.

Danziger: James Southerland. 
Low-ish upside, but if anything is for sure, he will shoot the ball and his size won’t go away. Could contribute immediately.

Hugar: James Ennis. The Grizzlies would be wise to use the last pick in the draft to address a need and add a small forward. Ennis is athletic enough to take a shot on.

Forbis: D J Stephens. This pick is a long shot but, as a former Memphis Tiger, would be an immediate fan favorite. Stephens has a strong work ethic and a lot of heart to make up for what he lacks in skill.

Chaplin: Colton Iverson.
The Grizzlies need a good back-up center who has potential.

Crain: Arsalan Kazemi. Fans missed the Iranian Haddadi. Bringing in a player born in Iran with more skills and a stronger work ethic (who also scores well on Hollinger’s scale) seems like a good way to end the draft.

This could all be moot if the Grizzlies trade their picks to move up higher in the draft but it is interesting to see how different writers are viewing the Grizzlies potential selections.


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One Response to So Who Would You Take?

  1. kosackNo Gravatar says:

    If I’m picking I take

    41 – Alex Abrines Another good Spanish guard. He’s projected as a late first rounder so if he falls to 41 I think he’s a steal.
    55 – Ryan Kelly – When healthy he was difference maker for duke and He’d be a good floor spacer when on the court with any of the other 3 Griz bigs (I’m assuming Arthur will be moved in the off-season)
    60 – DJ Stephens hard working, good defender and fantastic athlete. He might get even better with good defense tutelage from the grindfather.

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