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Mo Williams coming to Beale St.?

ESPN’s Marc Stein is tweeting that Memphis is firmly in the mix to sign FA Guard Mo Williams.


Quick Reax: If this is true, this is great. If it actually happens? OUTSTANDING! He instantly becomes your backup PG, and a potent three point shooter as well. It would create something of a logjam among those wing players (Bayless, T.A. QPon, Prince, Mo Williams, Mike Miller). When was the last time that the Grizzlies had that kind of problem?

I’m thinking that your second unit would be:

PG: Mo Williams/Jerryd Bayless
SG: Jerryd Bayless/Quincy Pondexter
SF: Quincy Pondexter/Mike Miller
PF: Ed Davis
C: Kosta Koufos

And methinks that’s a decent starting lineup on a below .500 team. If that’s our bench, then on paper our bench looks pretty good. This also shores up the “flexibility” thing that we like in our team. Namely, small guards, big guards, defenders, bombers. You could even run a lineup of shooters to bomb away (just off the bench): Mo, JB, QPon, Mike Miller and Koufos. But the more likely scenario is that having that kind of depth on the perimeter will provide insurance in the inevitable injury that we know is coming, but don’t want to see. Specifically, Mo Williams is VERY capable of stepping into the starting lineup if Mike Conley goes down.

For you Tony Wroten fans, it would mean plenty of splinters in Wroten’s butt . . . probably a lot of D-League time for both him and  Jamal Franklin. But overall, if the Grizzlies can pull this off, it will signal more of those less-glam but substantial signings that have quietly made this offseason pretty doggone productive for the Grizzlies.

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3 Responses to Quick Reax: Mo Williams To Memphis?

  1. ccNo Gravatar says:

    Wowza if (when!?) we get Mo. Mo Mo Ya ! (A play on Yo Yo Ma)
    GRIZZ be getting deep.
    Oh, Lee: “Coifs” ?! Kosta Koufos !(?) Yay,I’ve spelled it so many time I don’t need to check but it’s ‘tricky’.

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