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To tell the truth, I’ve never been a big fan of Josh Selby. I wasn’t impressed by all the hoopla he created at Kansas during his one year there, and I felt that he was a little bit of a prima donna coming into the NBA. During the two-preseason games I attended last season he looked sluggish & turnover prone and he didn’t play enough during the regular season for my opinion to be altered.

In the two summer league games that have occurred so far however, Selby is changing my mind. Josh has been shooting the ball extremely well from beyond the arc, going 12 for 15, and is running the game like a true NBA talent. His defense has been suffocating and he is producing turnovers left and right. Although the Grizzlies lost their most recent game against the Wizards, Selby was not to blame, as he scored 35 points.


Yes, I know summer league games don’t mean a thing when it comes to how a player will fare against NBA competition, but Selby’s work so far gives me a lot of hope. Sure, he is playing against teams filled with players who will never come close to signing an NBA contract, but he is getting playing time with Jeremy Pargo and Tony Wroten, both of whom he will be working with as all three come off the bench for the Grizz next season.

The most important thing Selby is gaining however is confidence. Selby didn’t get the benefit of a true training camp or summer league before his rookie season because of the lockout. He was thrust into the hard knocks world of the NBA and was told to try his best. Perhaps this contributed to his lackluster play last season. Selby’s new confidence is easily seen in the way he is shooting the ball and how he is getting extremely aggressive on defense. This confidence should help him find more playing time while looking to make an impact on games when he is slotted in the line up. After a humbling rookie season, Selby looks like he has the swagger to make a mark on the Grizzlies backcourt.

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13 Responses to Selby looks improved through 2 summer league games

  1. Chuck LivingstonNo Gravatar says:

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  2. j falkNo Gravatar says:

    Little Jason Terry in the making…it will be interesting to see what the Grizzlies do at backup point guard. I know they say it’s Bayless’ job, but how good is he really at running a team? Pargo is the best facilitator, but he’s the worst scorer out of all our guards. Selby still looks like a shooting guard in a point guards body. Wroten has the potential, but he’s a young rookie. Should be interesting to see how it pans out.

  3. JoeMNo Gravatar says:

    Pargo’s success in ONE Summer League game does not make him a better option at the back-up PG. It really is funny how people overreact to random SL Games…Pargo is nowhere near the talent that Bayless is, period. Pargo will be the Haddadi of this season in terms of last-man-in, unless we waive/trade him. Wroten and Selby need the development and focus come October, not Pargo.

    Selby has me excited by his effort on the defensive end. The regular season is a much different animal, but if he can be serviceable defensively and give 7 ppg, he will be a huge positive for the Grizz.

  4. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    If everyone thought pargo was reallyblowing things up, there would be an article about him, and not Selby lol

  5. lugeneparkerNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve always thought that Selby had the potential. I also said him being a ball handler would be a work in progress. But He surely has the mindset of a shooting guard. I was certainly impressed by his shooting performance. I thought he was capable to drop 10 to 15 in an NBA game. If i’m not mistaken he averaged 21 ppg in the DL last season. But the Defense has me impressed the most. He was a monster out there. Could bode well for us this year!

  6. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    Also, if the team is worried about selby’s size to play him at the 2 guard, we do have Wroten, a big point guard who could probably guard the 2’s really well, so that could be the one two punch with Wroten running point and Selby two guard on offense, and then switch on defense

  7. IanNo Gravatar says:

    Great article! I am equally impressed/excited about Selby so far but I agree that it is difficult to predict how his play in summer league could translate to the NBA. I personally don’t see too many minutes being available for him this year barring some significant injuries. It seems that Josh needs to see consistent playing time for him to have an impact on a game, which I don’t see happening this season, since he will have an extremely limited role at best.

  8. GrizzdocNo Gravatar says:

    Good to see Selby gaining confidence, I thought I could see flashes of potential in his play last season. Pargo seemed to be a disaster every time he hit the floor.

    But the current backup PG situation shows how disorganized our team management is. Honestly, we had a great backup in Vazquez and gave him away for nothing (sorry QPon). Since then, every move we have made was for a backup PG. Behind Conley, we now have Bayless, Selby, Wroten, and Pargo. So we are essentially wasting 3 roster spots.

    What in the world are they thinking in the head office???

  9. LouisNo Gravatar says:

    Did anyone else watch yesterday’s SL game? Shelby looks crazy good. His range seems to go all the way out to the parking lot and his release is so quick its barely visible to the human eye. I know it’s only summer league but if he continues to play like that OJ won’t be missed.

    • ChrisNo Gravatar says:

      Selby was even more impressive in Friday’s game than the first two. For starters, he didn’t play the last 7 minutes, so he could’ve had 40. But more importantly, he looked like what we need him to be: a 3-point specialist who looked equally comfortable spotting-up or off the bounce …and who had no issue going to the rack if the defense runs out at him too hard. No end of quarter heaves (which, to his credit, he made) no crazy end of shot-clock chucks (which, to his credit, he made). Just uber-efficient and dead-eye shooting. Very, very promising.

  10. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    That headline is more than an understatement. Selby looks incredible! He is the star of the Summer League so far through three games. His defense is vastly improved and his offense is great. Really questioning why they need Ellington now. Selby could be that sixth man that OJ never was last year. It may be hard to pair him with Conley. If Wroten can develop into a steady PG that would be a great combination.

  11. ccNo Gravatar says:

    We need to be rid of Pargo & keep Dante Cunningham…the way Selby & Jennings are playing we don’t need Ellington(who will also cost more).
    GRIZZ are thin @ SF,Gay & Q-Pon, and DC can swing at forward…a 3 “G” line-up sometimes would be interesting too,run TA @ SF and speed down the court.OKC & Cryami are playing ‘small ball’quite a bit and it seems to work.
    I believe I read where we have 13 players signed,right?!

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