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According to O J Mayo’s personal twitter account, later confirmed by Marc Cuban’s, O J Mayo has signed a contract with the Dallas Mavericks.

This is good news for Mayo who has been traveling around the country looking for a place to play this season.

Memphis is losing their first player considered a superstar. Regrettably Mayo never developed into that type of player here in Memphis. 

Mayo is suspected of signing a two year deal with Dallas worth no more than $4 million a season. That is the amount Dallas had left to sign a free agent after acquiring Elton Brand, Chris Kaman and Darren Collison this summer. It is a peculiar location for Mayo to end up since the Mavericks already had a new PG in Collison and Mayo had made it clear that he wanted to play PG this coming season. The Mavericks also used a trade to acquire the 34th pick in the draft. That pick was used to draft Jared Cunningham, a shooting guard from Oregon State.

Mayo travelled to New York (who decided to trade for Raymond Felton), Phoenix and Chicago at least before signing with the Mavericks.

Mayo’s time in Memphis was a tale of professionalism and frustration for both Mayo and the fans. Mayo was asked to play shooting guard in Memphis despite his over-riding desire to be a point guard in the league. He took to the position change well at first, pairing with Mike Conley to give the Grizzlies a dynamic young but undersized backcourt tandem. Mayo’s rookie year saw him runner up to Derrick Rose for Rookie of the Year averaging 18.5 ppg and 3.2 assists per game.

Mayo’s second season was not what many fans expected. Despite shooting a higher FG% his scoring dropped to 17.5 ppg and his assists declined to 3.0 apg. Not large drops by any means but disturbing after his rookie year. The summer following his second season Mayo tried his hand playing PG in the summer league with disastrous results and was among the first cuts for the World Championship team that teammate Rudy Gay made.

Trouble, long suspected of brewing beneath Mayo’s skin, finally went public on media day before the start of Mayo’s 3rd season when Coach Hollins said that Mayo was strictly a scorer and would not see time as a PG. Mayo, when his opportunity to take mike came, retorted that he was used to dealing with criticism and he would prove the coach wrong. The clear divide between the coach and player was fully out in public now. Just 9 games into the season Mayo was moved to the bench to make room for Xavier Henry and later Tony Allen.

Mayo’s scoring continued to slide in his 3rd season, dropping to a career low 11.3 ppg while shooting a career low 40.7% from the field and a career low 2.0 apg. He found some redemption in the playoffs that season but still averaged only 11. 3 ppg and shot 38.8% from the field. It was before the trade deadline that the Grizzlies, long rumored to be looking to trade Mayo, had finally reached a deal to move him to Indianapolis for Josh McRoberts and Brandon Rush. The deal reached the league offices just after the deadline so Mayo continued with the team.

Mayo’s final season in Memphis started with Mayo shooting well averaging over 44% from the field in December and January. That shooting didn’t hold up and Mayo finished the season shooting 40.8% from the field and scoring only 12.3 ppg. Mayo’s slide accelerated in the playoffs where he struggled against the Clippers high pressure defense.

Mayo will always be loved in Memphis for his professionalism and star potential. Regrettably he never reached that potential with the Grizzlies.


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31 Responses to Mayo to Dallas

  1. MemphisGrizz01No Gravatar says:

    18.5 to 17.5 Really Chip, Really? That’s 1 point. No Grizzlies fan was disappointed at that. The Grizzlies clearly didn’t want a superstar they wanted a mediocre SG. If they wanted a Superstar OJ would have been given the ball on the day they traded for him. I think that’s’ what most of the OJ fans would like to have seen.
    Truth be told Mayo was never allowed to become the Superstar that was Rudy’s job.

  2. JeremyNo Gravatar says:

    Very good signing for Dallas can start in Dallas at 2 pr replace r replace Jason Terry off yhr bench n at only 4million per thats a steal for dallas

  3. ReginaldNo Gravatar says:

    I hate to see OJ leave but I understand why the Grizz are letting him walk. The game never lived up to the name. I was one of the most excited Grizz fans when we traded Love for OJ. Needless to say, it was an epic fail. I wish OJ would have accepted being a 6th man. I truly believe he could have been Jason Terry 2.0. I wish him the best.

  4. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    Yikes… this is one of those events that may/ may not come back to spurn the Grizz. Liked OJ a lot, but his numbers have been continuing to slip, potentially in parellel with Hollins confidence/ patience.

    In other news, looks as though we’ve agreed to send Cunningham to MINN for Wayne Ellington.

    Basically, we’re replacing Mayo with Bayless ($3.1M) & Ellington ($2M)… both are solid 3 point shooters, Bayless being a PG/ combo guy & Ellington being an undersized spot up shooter. Bayless seems to still have some upside, Ellington may be who he is as his numbers have been consistent..

    Not terrible moves… I still would have like to see the Grizz exercise some more creativity with the OJ situation. But with a bench of Bayless, Ellington, Pondexter, Speights, & Arthur – I think the Grizz have made improvement on the whole.

    For the future we’ve got to really hope Selby/ Wroten develop (read: Grizz put time/ effort into developing) into the kind of “potential star” OJ could have been or may still be.

  5. TylerNo Gravatar says:

    I hate to see him go, but 7million was to much. Even the 4 million that Dallas is giving him is too much. I think OJ may be a little delusional. There’s no way he’s a point guard. He is what he is: an undersized 2 guard. I went to those Clippers playoff games this year. I couldn’t even bring the ball up the court. Now we have a proven backup point guard in Bayless.

    • StevedNo Gravatar says:

      I agree entirely. His best position is SG at which he is slightly above average for the position. He is not a back-up PG, let alone a starting PG. $4 million is fair value.

  6. J FalkNo Gravatar says:

    Atleast we have Bayless and Ellington now…they’re better 3 pt shooters than OJ anyway…

  7. LouieNo Gravatar says:

    I just have a feeling that OJ is going to put up some great numbers next year and we’re all going to feel stupid for letting him go. That said and I think the 7 mil qualifing offer was way too high for the production he has put out resently and the team had other needs that needed to be filled.

  8. JoeNo Gravatar says:

    OJ Mayo hasn’t been that possible superstar since 2009. I have heard on the radio and on boards about how this is a terrible move. Take your pick, Speights and Arthur behind an aging Z-Bo or O.J. I take the 2 big guys all day. OJ will not hurt us, and Dallas will be the 8 seed in the West. Collison, Mayo, Marion, Nowitski and Kaman with Brand off the bench does not scare me at all. People need to relax, he didn’t fit with the system, I am glad he’s gone.

    Another thing, it is RIDICULOUS to say Mayo is better than Conley. Conley went toe to toe with the best PG in the league, Chris Paul, for 6 games of a 7 game series. Mayo disappeared, and I hate the “oh, OJ was sad because of Lionel”, you’re a professional athlete, grow a set and play the game. A bunch of career backups and Nowitski, good luck Dallas.

    • JoelNo Gravatar says:

      I love OJ, and I wish him well. that being said…. THANK YOU FOR READING MY MIND!!!

    • GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:

      There is no way Conley went toe to toe with Chris Paul. Conley was destroyed by Chris Paul until he got hurt. Conley’s and average pg who will lose his spot to Wroten Jr. in 2 seasons.

      • JoeNo Gravatar says:

        What series were you watching?

        Mike Conley 2012 Playoff stats- 14 PPG, 7 APG
        Chris Paul 2012 Playoff stats- 20 PPG, 7 APG

        Conley is our 4th offensive option, Paul is their 1st. Same assists, Chris Paul had 2 backups, Conley had Gilbert Arenas and was EXHAUSTED by Game 7. Rewatch the games, read newspaper analysis, actually understand the freaking game. The Conley hate makes no sense…he isn’t elite, but he sure as hell isn’t average.

        • stevedNo Gravatar says:

          +1. I don’t understand why Conley gets so little respect.

        • lugeneparkerNo Gravatar says:

          +1000 I don’t understand the poor analysis by some of our on fans. Conley is a well above average point guard. He’s kind of like Joe Flaco of the Ravens. A really good quarterback and a great game manager with the ocasional big play making when it is needed. Not elite. But no slouch either. Thats all our team needs. The only thing that separates him from being really above average to elite is his lack of aggressiveness sometimes. I’ll take him any day over most of the PG in the nba.

          • JoeNo Gravatar says:

            I love the Flacco comparison, and I appreciate the support. With Rudy, Z-Bo and Marc, we don’t need Conley to be more than a manager who can score 12 or so a night.

      • AussieGNo Gravatar says:

        lol reading that, is like stepping into a time machine from 2008 or 2009 etc..

        The list of backups that were “going to replace” Conley is HUUUUUUGE..

  9. bobNo Gravatar says:

    I think Hollins is the one of the worst talent evaluators in the league. Starting X. Henry, who is terrible (in place of both Allen and OJ) proves my point. Trading Vasquez for Pondexter is another example. Going all in with Conley……c’mon man!! Game 7 vs Clippers….4th quarter…..Haddadi and Arenas on the floor…..really? This team needs a new coach!!! and as long as Conley and Rudy are the coach’s main guys this team will forever underachieve….

  10. AndyNo Gravatar says:

    Coaches don’t make trades, moron

    • bobNo Gravatar says:

      Actually….they do. Coaches are involved in trades all the time. Other management (GM, Owner) are involved as well and have to sign off on it of course, but the coach has massive influence in which players a team goes after and who they see as expendable. It is a known fact that Hollins wanted Pondexter and what do you know we traded Vasquez for him. Next time think before you speak…..

      • JoelNo Gravatar says:

        Lionel is the MAIN reason we have been winning of late. His defensive schemes, his no nonsense attitude, and his will to win have been HUGE for this team and this city. The Grizzlies have had trouble finding talent since BEFORE Lionel took the reigns. The lack of an eye for talent lies with Heisly more than it does with Lionel. If YOU thought before you spoke, you would have realised this. YOU want to get rid of one of the best things the Grizz have b/c we traded a good backup PG? Sh*& happens sometimes, DEAL WITH IT. It is like OJ being the “Poor baby” and not dooing well b/c Lionel dident let him. That is complete bull, if a player is truly talented, they would be able to shine even coming off the bench. It was OJ’s job to win back a starting spot, he did not, and now he has moved on.

        Mike conly is a great player, I do not know what Your “Bob” problem is with him. When your starting PG finishes 1 percentage point short of being the LEAGUE leader in steals, you know you have a good guy at the helm. You seem to be one of those guys that will dump someone the second he has an off game.

        Rudy Might not be a Superstar, BUT he is one of our best players. You can not make the US National team if you are a bad ball player. He is a good player and he does what he can to help us win. Only a FOOL would say otherwise, give the man some props, he deserves it, especially since he has to be compared to Kevin Durant and the like all the damn time. Im a bit suprised he has not seen a HUGE drop off in his play due to people like you getting on his case all the time.

        Arenas has been a proven weapon and he can hit big shots, IF you give him a chance. Lionel was Giving him a chance to do something big, and he just couldent manage.

        Hadadi has proven that in short bursts, he can be effective. He scored 6 straight in the do or die game in LAC territory to help the Grizz re-gain the lead. He may not be blake griffin, or Marc, but the guys works HARD when he is in the game. He does his best when he is in the game, and some times he did VERY well in the short time he was in the game.

        Bob: Before YOU go speaking garbage of the Team and its players, remember your own “advice” and think before you speak. Most of the people on here are Grizz faithfulls and not fair weather fans that will sell out our team when things get a little rocky. I have been a fan of the team when we won 20 games or less, I have been a fan of the team even though we took Hasheem Thabeet instead of James Harden, Ricki Rubio, Tyreke Evans, Steph Curry etc, which I might add WAS NOT LIONEL’S DECISION….”GASP”.

        People who throw players and the team under the bus when things get rough do not deserve to be called fans. You have opinions, which is fine, but there IS NO NEED on a fan forum to come in and bash the Grizz. Next time think before you speak, unless you like being torn appart like this….. I am always willing to do this sort of thing to the fair weather fans….

        • JoeNo Gravatar says:

          I agree on Xavier Henry being a poor decision, but Conley is better than O.J. Mayo, period. Game 7, Mayo had already fallen off the planet. Don’t blame him for the Arenas attempt.

        • bobNo Gravatar says:



          Hollins is not a GREAT coach….he is a good coach….by far not GREAT. His D or O schemes didn’t work so hot during game 1 where we managed to give up a 25 point lead in like 9 min. and couldn’t draw up a single play to get us a bucket. His lineups in the playoffs made no sense whatsoever. Playing Q.Pon more then TA…starting the 4th Q with Haddadi and Arenas (2 deep role players….NOT guys who got us there in the first place) in game 7, allowing Rudy to keep jacking up shots to the point where even ZBO had to step in and say the coach has to draw up better plays for the bigs to get the ball, the same ZBO who for some reason disappeared on the bench for extended periods of time while “your boy” Haddadi ran around lost like Bambi in the woods. These things all have to fall on the coach. Now if you are happy with that….good for you….because I’m not.


          Mike “Conly” as you call him is also not GREAT…he is also good! Finishing second in a stat category that includes Paul Milsap (4th), Iman Shumpert (7th), Paul George (9th), Jeff Teague (10th) doesn’t automatically make you GREAT. It also doesn’t make him a good defender….whereas I remember opposing PGs constantly torching him during the regular season. I would rather for example prefer assists from my PG, where “your boy” finishes outside the top 10.


          Rudy Gay….you guessed it…NOT GREAT, but good! The problem with him is not his talent, or even playing style its his attitude and how much he makes for the skill set he brings to this team. His salary is hurting this team. A non-All Star acting like an ALL STAR is never a good combination. And as I recall Andre Igoudala took his spot on the Olympic team….that should also tell you….stats don’t matter as much as you may think…


          Arenas…is no longer a “proven weapon”….as you said…that was more like 5 years ago.


          Hadaddi is a ROLE PLAYER. I like his effort….he is not as bad as people think…but he should NOT BE STARTING IN THE 4TH Q. of GAME 7 in the PLAYOFFS!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!

          Last: I’m not throwing anybody under the bus. Ok…maybe Hollins. I like our team. I want them to succeed. I also want them to improve and win more than a playoff series here and there. I also think the stars of this team are TA, ZBO, and MARC!THAT IS GRIT AND GRIND! Not Conley and Rudy!

          That is just my opinion…

  11. JoeNo Gravatar says:

    The main reason I fell in love with this NBA team is because of the mentality. I am from Virginia, born and bred Wizards fan. I love the Grizzlies because they DO NOT PLAY LIKE AN NBA TEAM. Grit and Grind is a style of play and a way of thinking that, it appears to me, Mayo never bought into. Tell me, is O.J. more personality- me before team driven than Zach Randolph was? Is he as mentally unstable on the court as Tony “Trick or Treat” Allen? No…those guys buy in/try to as much as they can. They love this town and the mentality. O.J. may as well have signed with the Clippers, he thinks he is Hollywood and a lot better than he is, as is evident by asking for 10 million a year!!!! Insanity…once again, good riddance. Bayless is O.J Mayo as a PG, and if he struggles, we have a spot shooter in Ellington and a slasher in Wroten. Oh, and freaking Josh Selby, who in Summer League (realize it is Summer League) looks like he can help in spots this coming season.

    Bye, O.J.

  12. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    OJ was my favorite player on the team so I am a bit sad about this but happy for him as he now has a chance to start and develop into the player he could have been with the Grizz. It was another strange draft decision by the franchise. They made the trade to get a superstar of the future but then decided after he was runner up to ROY that they didn’t want him to start but instead went with Gay as their supposed superstar.
    I still think that if you have a player that almost won ROY that you at least start the guy. If then you don’t want to develop him anymore trade him while he still has a lot of value. So now he walks for nothing in return after they made the draft trade with Kevin Love for him. Strange decision making. I really think he will now have a really good year for Dallas because they will at least run some plays for him on offense. Hollins had him as the fourth or fifth option on offense.

  13. JoeMNo Gravatar says:

    He can score 19 points a game if he wants, they are going to be 41-41 and barely make the playoffs while we compete for the 3 seed and division title.

    • StevedNo Gravatar says:

      Whilst I agree that Mayo will not be a great loss, it’s not like he had an option to stay. He took the best deal for him, which I believe is fair market value. Good luck to him.

  14. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Can anyone confirm the Cunningham/Ellington trade?

  15. J FalkNo Gravatar says:

    “The Wolves and Memphis Grizzlies have a verbal agreement to swap guard Wayne Ellington for forward Dante Cunningham, a source with knowledge of the deal said on Monday. An official announcement should come in the near future after the paperwork is submitted to the NBA.”

    This is according to ESPN radio. Obviously anything could happen, but I believe we will hear the official confirmation pretty soon.

    Ellington is going to be that spot up shooter that we’ve been wanting. I believe he will fit in greatly.

  16. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    It is good to see that the majority of fans still have brain cells! Good for oj to get to a team, good luck to him, that being said, would much rather have the depth that we have now at the 4/5 and miss out on more juice than not have that depth at the 4/5. Another thing, people need to stop compairing Rudy to durant, they are two different players on two different teams, granted they have a similar play style (Rudy a bit better slasher, KD a much better spot up shooter) but Kevin is the first option on his team, whereas Rudy is the third, and sometimes fourth option. Rudy is very good, and hopefully can get back to preinjury form so you guys can get off of his case once and for all

  17. Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

    You guys can start using our newly improved forum to continue this discussion if you want.

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