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Josh Selby has done something unique for the Memphis Grizzlies. It doesn’t mean a thing but it’s nice to know.

Selby was named the co-MVP of the Las Vegas Summer league. Selby shared the honor with Damian Lillard, the 6th pick of the Portland Trailblazers in the 2012 draft.

Selby averaged over 24 points a game over the five contests ranking 3rd in the summer league. Selby also shot 55.7% from the field including an eye-popping 64.3% from beyond the arc and 88.9% from the FT line. Lillard averaged 26.5 PPG but did so on a mere 43.8% from the field. Selby also averaged 2.4 rebounds per game, 3.2 assists per game and 2.4 steals per game. Lillard is 22 years old while Selby just turned 21 on March 27.

Also impressing in Vegas was first round draft pick Tony Wroten Jr. Wroten led the team in scoring twice and averaged 13.2 PPG over the five games. Wroten also averaged 3.4 RPG, 4.0 APG and 1.2 DPG. The one thing Wroten didn’t do was put to bed concern over his shooting touch hitting just 40% of his attempts and 20% from the arc. His 73.3% from the FT line was improved from college but still raises some concern.

Jeremy Pargo was the 3rd guard heading to camp averaged 12.0 PPG and 5.5 APG. Pargo didn’t impress to many fans and media types in comparison to Selby and Wroten and is expected to be bought out or traded before training camp. Matt Janning was a pleasant surprise out of Italy and Northeastern but isn’t expected to be offered a training camp invitation.



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17 Responses to Josh Selby is Summer League Co-MVP

  1. J FalkNo Gravatar says:

    Our three guards were definitely the stars of the show this summer league. I believe it will be good to hold on to Pargo for a little while longer. I think he shows better true point guard skills than the other guards, which is a plus since the Grizzlies run through the post. Also, if Tony Wroten wants playing time on the real Grizzlies, he better learn to slow down and make better shot selections. If he turns the ball over like that and shoots so poorly in the big show, he won’t get a chance. He showed signs of brilliance, but he’s got to get better.

    Also, I’m not buying into Janning. I believe he went 0-3 from 3 the last two games. For someone we’re bringing in that’s only feature is shooting, that just won’t cut it. Mitchell Watt showed me that he has what it takes to make an impact on a team. I saw an article about him on here and wasn’t convinced because of the competition he had played against. He proved me wrong by coming into the summer league and making an impact in the short time he had. We are going to need some bigs just in case one of our top 4 go down, and I think he would be a good option.

    Congratulations to Josh Selby(even though he should have been the unanimous decision for MVP). It couldn’t be more perfect timing for him to step up now that OJ is gone.

  2. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    MITCHELL WATT!!! he has the skill set and the potential to make a good impact off the bench, other than that, Selby was awesome and wroten has some serious skills, but like J said, he needs to slow down. I cant wait for the season to start, this year will be important for us.

  3. JoeMNo Gravatar says:

    Mitchell Watt and the Grizzlies bigs got out-rebounded by 30 plus against the Wizards, I wasn’t high on any of them, but Watt would be the only one to invite to Camp, IMO. Selby can be an off-the-bench scorer, Wroten over time will be a good PG and off the ball defender possibly like a TA, other than that, I don’t see anyone else.

    The Dante for DC trade has to happen, to me. If DA weren’t healthy, I reserve the right to retract that statement, but the FO seems to be going ahead like he will be fine for Camp and he is a better version of Dante, so he is expendable and we STILL need shooters, even with Selby’s great performance.

  4. JoeMNo Gravatar says:

    Check that, I meant Wayne Ellington for Dante.

  5. TJNo Gravatar says:

    Matt Janning played at Northeastern, not Northwestern. I thought he played well in spurts, and the more familiarity he had the better he played. The Grizz might be too guard heavy but I could see him catching on as a 5th guard, since he can play some point.

  6. kasdNo Gravatar says:

    Grizz should sign Adam Morrison NOW. After a really solid year in Europe Morrison avg. 20ppg 5rpg on 55% FGs and 62% 3points in summer league while leading the Clippers roster in scoring. The Grizzlies have a real good defensive team so Morrison’s D can be covered and all he would have to do is a spot up and shoot! He could always shoot!!! I think dude can flat out play!! He just needed some time to man up! and he is 6’8” and 200 lbs….not bad either.

  7. J FalkNo Gravatar says:

    I’d love to snag up Morrison. I never understood why he never got a real chance in the NBA. I could see him being our very own Kyle Korver.

    • JBNo Gravatar says:

      He did get a real chance and he was terrible. He’s a career 37% shooter who couldn’t defend, create his own shot, pass, or handle any other aspect of being a competent NBA player. Even in Summer League, he was basically useless when he wasn’t scoring, and much of his scoring came on some ridiculously difficult shots that he can’t get off against NBA-level competition. Unlike Korver, Morrison has never shown a knack for being a spot-up shooter. His game is built off going off the dribble, something he can’t do in the NBA.

      • kasdNo Gravatar says:

        I’m not arguing that Morrison doesn’t have weaknesses. But we are looking for the 13th or 14th guy on our roster, and we basically have no money to spend. So anyone we take is a long shot to pan out. On the other hand I think Morrison is flat out better then Ellington or Janning and we wouldn’t have to give up Cunningham (who is really underrated and also flat out better then Ellington so we better get minimum a pick with that trade if it tragically does indeed go through) Morrison played well in Europe last year. And he still has the potential to be a good bench scorer in the league!!! I think it has to be given a chance…..

        • JBNo Gravatar says:

          That reads like a lot of backtracking. Arguing to sign him as the last man on the roster is a completely different argument than signing him as a rotation shooter. That being said, Morrison would need to change his game completely be an effective bench scorer. His game is still built around working off the dribble, something he can’t do in the league. He isn’t a good spot up shooter, and summer league did nothing to disprove that notion. I’m not impressed by his play in Europe, lots of players have played well in Europe (see Pargo, Jeremy as an example). Signing him would have zero bearing on the Ellington for Cunningham trade, which I will be the first to admit is a terrible trade for Memphis.

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  9. n8No Gravatar says:

    Yo Chip! Why the SBNation haterade?

    The mods at straightouttavancouver have done a great job as analysts while nurturing a regular Memphis-based readership. Have you not been to the site in a few years?! Some of the playoff game threads against the Clippers were outrageously fun.

    • Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

      I wasn’t hating on them. They have done a good job and we have worked together on a few products. I merely was stating they are in New York and not in touch with the front office’s needs are.

      That is the truth. They are in New York and don’t have the contacts certain bloggers in Memphis have. In no way should anyone assume that means I don’t respect and enjoy what they do.

      • n8No Gravatar says:

        I don’t think they presume to have any contacts. SBNation seems like a ragtag collection of fans and homers. The laid back nature and the relative lack of trolling make it my go-to site for Grizz news. Even though they don’t rub a lot of elbows in town, they sure as heck take the time and effort to go beyond what Calkins and Tillery have to say.

        But hey, up until SOV gave a cheeky jab back to you, I didn’t know this blog existed. So consider me a regular reader here, too!

        • n8No Gravatar says:

          And sorry, not trying to be a long winded troll here, but sometimes it seems like the professional and/or serious journalists in town take too much delight in being inside the locker room or whatever. Instead of trying to remember what kind of flowers Hollins likes the most, they should be watching the actual game!

  10. JoeMNo Gravatar says:

    Can’t all Grizzly bloggers just get along? We are arguing about literally the 14th man off the bench…deep breaths, must be July, although arguing on blogs is still better than watching baseball…

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