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ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that according to various sources, the Memphis Grizzlies agreed to terms with free agent guard, Jerryd Bayless.

A 6’3″ combo guard, Bayless became an unrestricted free agent when the Toronto Raptors withdrew their qualifying offer last week. He averaged 11.4 ppg, 3.8 apg, and hit over 42% of his three-point attempts last season in 22 minutes per game.

Given the salary cap limitations the Grizzlies faced, Bayless was probably the best option for the money available. He’ll provide scoring and ball-handling off the bench, helping to complement Quincy Pondexter, Darrell Arthur and Marreese Speights on the second line.

He’s capable of playing both guard spots, which will be helpful as the Grizzlies wait for one of their three young point guards to establish himself as the primary backup to Mike Conley.

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16 Responses to Sources: Grizzlies Sign Jerryd Bayless

  1. JoeNo Gravatar says:

    Absolutely fantastic pickup for the Grizzlies. Between him and whoever wins out in the Summer League crew, Conley will get more rest. I like our roster, to me the key is Z-Bo. If he can be his old self, this is a western conference finals possible team. Once you’re there, who knows what can happen.

  2. JeremyNo Gravatar says:

    Good sign smart move

  3. J FalkNo Gravatar says:

    Feelin a little sketchy about this pickup. Yes, he had a great year beyond the arc last season, but his career 3pt avg. is only .350. He’s only 6’3, so he will be a defensive liability at SG. He has been a role player on a horrible team his whole career. I see him as more of a point guard; we only have 5 now. With all that said, atleast we got someone. If he can come in and continue to shoot 42% from 3 then it’s a great pickup. Maybe we can still snag up a guy like Azuibuke for cheap too. I’m just a bit frustrated at our front office for not getting a sign and trade done with OJ…doesn’t make even a little sense.

  4. AndyNo Gravatar says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grizz killer no more!!

    This guy averaged 23 points (the most he averaged against any NBA team) on 50% shooting from beyond the arc and 53.8% from the field against the Grizzlies last year. Of course, these stats are skewed since he only started in the second game. Who knows what he would’ve done given two starts. In the game he started, he also dropped 9 dimes, grabbed 6 boards, picked up 3 steals, and swatted one poor soul’s shot.

    I’m sure most everyone remembers that game. It was the one in the Forum where Rudy nailed those 2 miraculous threes to force OT. Bayless showed off a silky smooth jumper and drained it all over the court. Now the Forum is his home and not just a season-high!

    This signing solves the backup PG issue and might remedy our shooting woes, too. I don’t trust this lockout-shortened season’s shooting percentages, but he will be playing in a completely different style, role, and system here in Memphis. He was more of a slasher than a spot up shooter in Toronto, whereas Lionel will rely heavily on him to spread the floor with his midrange and three point game. I’m eager to see how his talent fits in with Tony Wroten off the bench.

    As the 11th pick in the 2008 draft, it’s almost as though we traded up 2 spots to nab OJ at 3, and then traded down 8 picks to 11 to grab Bayless, a player whose second contract will be just a third of the second deal OJ will command.

    Great value, fantastic patience from Mr. Wallace. Officially excited for November.

    This conference is ours for the taking!

    • EvanNo Gravatar says:

      I drank my heart out for a week after that game and still remember it, ha!

      I agree with you, Andy, I think this is a fantastic pick-up. After missing out on Ray Allen, Jason Terry, Lou Williams and Nick Young I was starting to get worried…and seeing that the Grizz were meeting with BILL WALKER? … Bayless is a great back-up combo guard. And we got him at a mini-MLE? And he’s only 23? Very excited to see Bayless in Beale St. Blue!


  5. AndyNo Gravatar says:

    J Falk,

    Sign and trades are simply a way for a team with no cap space to land a free agent from a team that has cap space. Sure, if the Grizz had tons of cap space, the Suns were over the cap, and they had Mo Speights, Darrell Arthur, and Jerryd Bayless under contract for the combined amount they wanted to give OJ, Chris Wallace would sign off on it faster than Pau Gasol could book a flight to Spain.

    Fact is, we don’t have cash to blow (quite the opposite), the Suns do (as do most of OJ’s other suitors) and, as for those coveted players, Speights, DA, and Bayless? They’re on OUR team. Given that we only have enough cap space to sign those three, it makes no sense to go out of our way to find a team over the cap that wants OJ just to bring in a few players that add up to his contract. That would leave us zero cap space (assuming Mayo gets more than his QO from this mystery sign and trade partner) to sign Mo or DA. We might still be able to land Bayless with an exception, but why get a whole new second unit when this one stood tall through injury after injury last season and played a crucial part in helping the Grizzlies secure the third-best record in the Western Conference??

    Nah, a sign and trade is a very specific tool used only in certain circumstances. We are not in that position, and Chris Wallace did the right thing by letting Juice walk.

  6. Joe SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Not a huge fan of this pickup. Seems as a lateral from OJ. He can play point and shoot a little better? Sure, but its still the defensive liability at 2. Now if some point we try Bayless/Poindexter/Gay/Authur/Speights just to try and go small and athletic, maybe. I would rather us sign a bigger SG. Trade off the other PGs, go after Shannon Brown. He would be a better fit in the reserve 2.
    Conley – Bayless
    Allen – Brown
    Gay – Poindexter
    Randolph – Authur
    Gasol – Speights

    • JoelNo Gravatar says:

      I like Bayless, considering he is one of the best pickups we could get at the moment, it is a solid move. Now I know people are getting on his case b/c he is undersized for a SG, but OJ is 6’4″, so he is not that far off. He might be 6’3″ but I honestly don’t see a reason for that to be a real issue here. On offense all we need to do is work with a high-low, then kick to a wing for an open shot, and if he gets picked up when he gets the ball, being smaller he will be able to get around the defense a bit quicker. On the defensive side of the game, if he can stay in front of the player he is guarding, he should be fine, Thankfully the Grizz as a whole play TEAM defense, all he needs to do is get a hand the the opposing players face, and not let him get by.

      On the other note, I have always been a fan of Shannon Brown, he is a hard worker, an athletic freak, and he just has a well rounded game. He would fit in very well here in Memphis and The Grizz would like having him.

      Conley – Bayless
      Allen – Brown
      Gay – Poindexter
      Randolph – Authur
      Gasol – Speights

      That is one AWESOME lineup if you ask me, I would really like to see if we can try to get Shannon. Either way, I can honestly say I cant wait to put my season tickets to use this coming year. And I cant wait to see how our Grizz do in the summer league, I honestly think Mitchell Watt could be a great pickup, hope he plays well.

  7. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    The Grizzlies Front Office (most likely Mike Heisly – since he is still in charge) are collectively killing this team.

    This offseason has been a flurry of movement and activity as teams – both East & West – load up for the future. The CBA kicks in in 2 seasons, and teams are realigning power with the last solid FA class before then.

    We have sat on our hands because in reality, we are a tier 2 franchise and unwilling to act (read: spend money or be creative).

    No offense to Jerryd Bayless – the guy is a solid PG & can be a decent 7/8th man, but this is a joke move after A. Drafting Tony Wroten (um, PG) B. Letting OJ walk without a S&T or QO.

    We pay 2 guys too much, will have no flexibility to add top players in 3 years, and have little in the “exciting talent” category on our bench. Is that how OKC & SA do it?

    Unless Zbo has a complete return to form of 2 years ago (sadly unlikely) and Rudy takes a huuuuge step forward to become a level or so below Durant/ Melo – we will be in big trouble.

    We have a great Center, a very solid PG, a defense-only SG, a declining PF (who is still good) and an underperforming SF (on his way up or down?)…. Unless the FO knows a whole lot about how that 5 is transforming over the summer, I expect us to be in the back of the bus come playoff time…

    The bench is by no means a net improvement with the addition of Bayless & return of DA… That is if anything a scratch from Mayo and last year. We HAVE to make a move to either improve the bench with 2-3 players or make a drastic improvement with 1 of the SG/SF/PF spots.

    Its getting tough to follow this team.

    • BabbNo Gravatar says:

      You are clueless. Save your negative speculation for yourself. You’re whining is just plain stupid.Wroten is a project not an instant impact draft pick. Good value for late first round pick.

      As far as spending money.. after signing Mo and DA this is all we could spend under the CBA. Know what you are talking about before sounding stupid next time and save yourself.

      If we don’t let OJ walk his cap hold keeps us from being able to sign Mo, DA and Bayless. So, instead of those 3 we get caught trying to match OJ’s offers and end up with what’s left after he decides what he wants to do. This way we controlled our future not OJ.

      This team is drastically better from last year.. for one with everyone healthy for training camp and summer league the team will have a chance to learn the offense and defense better and be able to create some chemistry that was lost with all the injuries the past two years.

      The grizzlies will make it at least to the second round if healthy and have a chance to really compete with this group. If you are not excited about this year then you should quit following this team because you trying to bring everyone else down won’t be tolerated.

  8. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Pretty cool! Of all the names mentioned that were left, Bayless was at the top of my list. He is only 23 (younger than OJ) and has good talent with upside. OJ was my favorite player as a Grizz and thought he may have more upside potential than any other Grizz if given the chance. I still think wherever he goes (probably the Suns) he will get to be the player that he was hyped to be. It wasn’t going to happen with Hollins and the design of this team. But, hey, I’m cool with Bayless, too. I just hope that Hollins will give guards other than Conley a chance to develop. Wroten, Selby and now Bayless have real talent but they need a chance to play to get better.

  9. HeathNo Gravatar says:

    @btrautsc The grizzlies have never been in the position they are right now. A top 3 WC team, and probably a top 7 NBA team. As you should know about the grizzlies by now, they don’t pick up talent, they pick up the pieces they need. Mo speights, who was a DEEP bench player for Philly and barely got playing time ended up saving this past season to turn into something decent. Have people forgotten how bad the team was when OJ was starting? He just doesn’t fit Hollins system. Lets not forget the WHOLE clippers series, because i’m pretty sure he decided before it started that he didn’t want to be in memphis anymore.

    Bayless was a grizz killer last year. Hopefully he can keep it up when he plays for us.

  10. PeytonTNo Gravatar says:

    Well putt Babb and Heath!

  11. J FalkNo Gravatar says:

    As much as I’m an optimist and love the Grizzlies, I don’t understand how people can sit there and say Jarryd Bayless will make this team better than OJ made it. Point guard is set; that’s without a doubt..but before last seasons great shooting performance this guy was averaging less than 30% from 3. I still think another shooter is in need..

    My whole thing with OJ was that I felt his demand was so high that we could sign him and trade him straight up for a true 2 guard that has proven he can shoot the 3 consistently…Also, if I’m not mistaken, can’t we still resign OJ since we have his bird rights?

    • btrautscNo Gravatar says:

      I appreciate the opinions from @Babb & @Heath… however, still strongly disagree.

      Bayless is a solid pickup. Speights was a great pickup & is a solid piece. DA ?? – we hope he is back to good form. Pondexter/ Pargo/ Selby are pretty much all ??s for now.

      I think it is pretty naive to look at what is happening in the league this summer, and say Ok – OKC will be better, LAL just got a lot better, LAC will improve, SA/DAL/ POR/ MINNY will all compete as they age/ mature… being a given for “top 3 WC” is outrageous.

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