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Darrell Arthur, the oft-injured player from Kansas, is rumored to have accepted an offer from the Memphis Grizzlies to remain with the team.

Arthur has played his entire career with the Grizzlies who acquired him in a draft night trade with the Portland Trailblazers and Houston Rockets involving Nicholas Batum (from Houston to Portland) and Donte Green (from Memphis to Houston). This signing, following Mo Speight’s tweet that he was remaining in Memphis as well, seems to be fill the Grizzlies front court for the next 2-3 years with quality big men. The back court is still a work in progress.

Darrell Arthur has had an up and down career with the Grizzlies. His rookie season he was the starting power forward on the 24 win team and was widely considered a bust after failing to match up against Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowiztki, Luis Scola and David West in the Southwest division alone. Arthur appeared to be too slim to bang inside with the bigger PFs in the league and his outside shot was too unreliable as well.

His sophomore season was nearly completely lost thanks to a torn shoulder labrum muscle. Arthur did return to play in 32 games but the spring in his step was missing and Arthur clearly displayed his lack of in game conditioning down the stretch.

Arthur enjoyed his best year in the NBA in his 3rd season when, fully healthy and with a 3rd summer league under his belt, Arthur proved capable of handling the back up center and PF roles. His defensive intensity and developing outside shot made Arthur a threat on both ends of the court. Arthur appeared in 80 games that season averaging 9.1 ppg on 49.7% FG shooting and 4.3 rpg in only 20.1 mpg.

Last season was the second year that Arthur lost to injury. This time he missed the entire 66 game schedule and the playoffs recovering from a training camp torn Achilles tendon.

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19 Responses to DA Remains in Court

  1. TerryNo Gravatar says:

    Heard he is signed for like 9 mil over 3 years. So does this mean Ham is gone, since we resigned both DA and Speights and will be paying them a combined between 6 and 7 mil. Where is the shooter we so desperately need? Looks like we will have about 1.5 mil at most to sign another player so who are we gonna get for that cheap that will actually be able to contribute?

  2. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    I’m overwhelmed. Now resign hadaddi and wow what an upgrade in talent from last year. Another cusp of a first round loss in the playoffs for sure.

    • rfoxNo Gravatar says:

      we might make the second round before losing

      they’ll be a tough out and a decent team to watch and that’s not nothing and if they stay healthy through the post season they will be dangerous in any matchup. But over 7 games it is sure hard to see them consistently beating the new Lakers, the Spurs or the Thunder.

      but I guess the fun is in hoping there are championship aspirations and that the team will act to get to that point

      and of course the fun is in thinking we know better how to get there and then carping about it

      I am increasingly impressed with the success of these advanced stats in understanding and predicting team success. I would like to see the Grizz make use of that sort of analysis.

      But things like signing Arthur and Speights and having Cunningham on the roster – they share s similar skill set – that seems like at least 1 too many of those guys and Cunningham is the cheap one but don’t they wind up releasing him now or do they carry 4 PFs?

      meanwhile at shooting guard they have a guy that doesn’t really shoot and that’s it

      I wonder if the new owner is keeping their hands tied a bit till he’s in charge and can make any major decisions

  3. PeytonTNo Gravatar says:

    They still have the mid-level exception, which is up to 5 mill a year. Hopefully we can use it on a shooter/2 guard such as Courtney Lee, Jodie Meeks or a backup for Conley like Aaron Brooks.

  4. Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

    With Mo and DA on board, I am thinking that maybe it’s time to let Hamed walk. I couldn’t see him getting much PT with those two guys healthy, as either of them can back up ZBo or Marc with some degree of success . . . not to mention that they can each be a 1-2 scoring threat off the bench, with the deadly free throw jumper they both have. Also does not factor in Dante Cunningham, whom I also like plenty. I’d say we’re fairly deep in the front court.

    As for shooters, I could potentially see the Grizz doing a sign and trade, sending Juice somewhere (I’m thinking to Orlando for Jason Richardson). I personally think that Gilbert Arenas is a helluva deal, assuming that the team would want him back and that he’d want to come back. JRich & a healthy Agent X bombing away; Mo & DA doing their thing . . . Haven’t mentioned QPon or Selby yet . . . I’d like that bench a lot. . . .

    • rfoxNo Gravatar says:

      I would be in the opposite corner – with Arthur in the fold I would purge all of last year’s bench players and see if any of them show anything in the summer league even.

      maybe you keep Josh for potential – I guess if we can’t get a decent back up SF we need to keep Pondexter and his terrible offense just so Rudy can rest.

      thing is there are young offensive players out there – Bayless, Rush, and veterans that don’t cost 5 mill a year and brought firearms into the clubhouse that we could get (Barbosa for instance).

      This team needs 2 shooters – badly – Bayless is probably not an option because we drafted a non-shooting PG already to back up connely and he’s likely be too close to Connelly (random spellings so one is right I hope) to not create another lowry/connely issue. Bayless is a better offensive player than Mike and probably has better physical tools to play D but he’s short for a shooting guard at 6’3″.

      I can’t really understand why you’d want a really old, really bad player in Arenas under any circumstances.

      Take a Brandon Rush and his >40% 3 point shooting and 6-6 frame and let him play SG and back up at SF. He’ll actually get better not worse over time.

      if you have to trade for an offense only guy at least go for Kevin Martin – he’s on an expiring deal and maybe you can sign him to a cheap extension – he’s a nice offensive player even if he’s a matador on defense

      • Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

        Arenas can still contribute to a team … he’s still got a great shot and with a regular offseason and conditioning I think he’d look better than last year. So why not have Arenas on the team if he’s only getting paid $400,000? Do you understand how cheap that is for a professional basketball player?

        • rfoxNo Gravatar says:

          yeah – he’s a headcase that brings guns into the clubhouse – he can’t defend
          FG% 0.406 3PFG% 0.333 FT% 0.700

          That is a less than average shooter

          • Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:


            Chris gets what I’m saying EXACTLY. Gil is maybe 30-31 years old, which for most NBA players, there’s still PLENTY in the tank — especially in the role he’d be asked to fill on this squad. And like Chris said, if you can get even a third of his Wizards production for $400K, that’s a helluva deal.

            If we weren’t talking about tweaking the team on a budget, obviously, you go with a younger piece, albeit more expensive. We may still end up doing that. But, as sad as it is to say, I’d still trust a half of an old Gilbert Arenas more than a whole Pargo & Selby combined.

  5. PeytonTNo Gravatar says:

    Golden State is keeping Brandon Rush… The FO’s top priority is finding a shooter… But I think K-Mart will be too rich for our blood. Courtney Lee, though he’s been linked to 6 teams not named the Grizzlies, would be nice. Marco Bellinelli is interesting, as well, though I’m pretty sure his defense is nonexistent. Jodie Meeks could come this way as well. Randy Foye, to my understanding has already met with our FO, but I’m not too high on him. Shannon Brown, while not a ‘great’ shooter would fit well with the grit’n’grind!

  6. PeytonTNo Gravatar says:

    The Lakers don’t impress me (yet). While they have the most impressive starting 5 in the league, their bench is Steve Blake, Josh McRoberts, Ebanks, etc… Pretty sure Matt Barnes is gone, and the Lakers have NO $…
    The Spurs Big 3 are bound to decline soon, I hope, and I think DaJuan Blair will be gone (at least from what I’ve read)
    Dallas is having a worse offseason than we are.
    Houston is giving away all of their assets (Scola and Martin next?)
    Phoenix is retooling, but I think they will still be competitive.
    I believe the Clippers (lost Reggie Evans, will be weak on the inside), Thunder (#1seed in 2013), and Nuggets will all improve next year (Lakers and Spurs will be tough, but who knows what to expect). I see this as a potential playoff bracket next year, with current rosters, pending any more earth-shattering trades/signings:
    #1. Thunder
    #8. T’Wolves

    #4. Lakers
    #5. Clippers

    #2. Spurs
    #7. Jazz

    #3. Grizzlies
    #6. Nuggets

    Sorry Mavs, #7 seed last year, and you got worse in the off-season.

  7. J FalkNo Gravatar says:

    Resigning Speights and DA was huge! We have the best bigs in the league. Now, we just have to sit and wait to here what we’re going to do at shooting guard. If we don’t bring in someone who can knock down those 3’s that OJ was getting then I don’t see our team doing much in the postseason. If we can somehow snag up Rush, Danny Green, Foye or Courtney Lee I would like our chances of going deep in the playoffs next year.

    Conley, Pargo, Wroten

    If this was the 12 we went to war with next season, I could see good things happening.

    • Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

      I would NOT feel good about having Pargo and Wroten backing up Conley.

      • J FalkNo Gravatar says:

        Agree to disagree. Pargo was basically a rookie last season. If he can start playing how he played in the summer league last summer then I could see him becoming a serviceable backup. I would be happy if we brought back Arenas for cheap, but I don’t see that happening.

        I just think with Pargo, Selby and Wroten competing for their futures, one of them will turn into a good backup point for this team. They all have a ton of talent, we just have to wait and see who puts it together on the big stage the quickest.

  8. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    I really don’t enjoy the NBA offseason … the “small market” woes are really annoying and discouraging.

    We can’t sign anyone besides cast-offs from other teams and players we already drafted.

    I realize this is comparing apples and oranges, but the “small market” Tennessee Titans were able to go after and have extensive talks with two of the biggest free agents this offseason (if not the biggest in the past 10 years) in Peyton Manning and Mario Williams … who were both division rivals one year prior.

    We can’t even get Ray Allen to stop by for 5 minutes.

    I just don’t get it …. NBA players act like if they don’t play in NY, LA, Miami or Dallas that they will just completely disappear and go bankrupt because they don’t have 24/7 local media coverage of who they went out to dinner and what kind of car they bought.

    • J FalkNo Gravatar says:

      I think that’s what makes us the team we are in a way. We are a tough team filled with a bunch of players that don’t think that way. Our players just want to win, and it seems as if they love our city.

      Also, I don’t really understand your comparison. Mario Williams went where the money is and so did Peyton. You also have your old players that have already made plenty money that will sign with teams like the Patriots just to win a championship. Just because the Titans looked at 2 big free agents doesn’t mean the mindset of NFL players is any different than the mindset of NBA players. They all either want a lot of money or a shot at a championship. I think the Grizzlies are a good enough team that we will be able to sign a good shooter that will be happy with 20 minutes a game.

  9. kasdNo Gravatar says:

    Few things:
    1: We have to work some kind of a trade…it has to be done at some point. Since Rudy looks like is out of the question (unfortunately), we should trade some combination of DA, MO, Dante, Pargo, Selby maybe even OJ (although that’s a long shot) and get some shooters!!!
    2: WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE PG’S… PLEASE!!! (Conley, Wroten, Selby, Pargo, Arenas)…really? I personally think Wroten will be awesome!!! I see a little Westbrook/Rondo thing going for him……and I don’t see how adding a mediocre “vetPG” will take us over the top….
    2a: if you want a vet PG Arenas is your guy! A former all-star, scorer, good 3point shooter and he’s cheap and knows the team….what’s not to like? Easy!!!!!

  10. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Strange that there is not that much interest in mayo.
    Makes me wonder if there isn’t some kind of sign and trade going on and they are waiting for someone to sign first. Either that or they will keep mayo for the mle.

  11. JeremyNo Gravatar says:

    The bulls r letting kyle korver go that’s who the grizzlies knee to sign for there 3 point needs he will help spread the floor for the big men..Dallas mavericks r gonna be horrible feel bad for dirk

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