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There are many times, often daily, when I miss the excitement we all felt during this most recent Griz season (and especially postseason, right?).

There are many, many things that bring to mind the glorious raucousness that was present at SO MANY home games this season (not just during the playoffs, I might add)….

…follow after the jump to see a short list of the ones that stand out in my mind and make me even more annoyed about the lockout than ever….

One: we’ll start with a weird one, but one that I bet has sparked many a Griz fan’s memory (or maybe it hasn’t, and I’m just the odd cat in the bunch…I generally am that odd cat anyway). I’m lucky enough to have a weekday off each week (stop whining, i have to work every Saturday and even a Sunday on occasion), and on most of those days, I take my amazingly awesome 2-year-old son to the zoo. We usually get there somewhere just after 9 AM.

Stay with me here.

At ten o’clock, the church bell at Evergreen Presbyterian (right across the street from the zoo here in Memphis) tolls.

Yep, that’s right-when that bell tolls, I think of a close game, a big bucket by the Griz, and opponent timeout, and a choice mega-decibel intro of “Hells Bells” by AC/DC, which is, of course, a large bell ringing. Every time I hear one of those bells, I think about the Orlando home win this season on a wintry Monday night, the OT win in the playoffs against OKC, etc, etc…

On July 3, I went downtown (a fairly unusual occurrence for me unless I’m headed to a Griz game)

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