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O J Mayo is being questioned as to whether or not he is really on the path to NBA stardom over at Bleacher Report. Of course the article is highly subjective but worth reading just the same.

Pickaxe and Roll, DenverNuggets blog, wroteabout the possibility of Grizzlies MarcGasol being traded to Denver. 3 Shades of Blue’s opinions are mentioned extensively in the blog.

Speaking of the Randolph trade, Z-Bo himself spoke up about his excitement being part of the Grizzlies organization and how he wants to put the past behind him.

Hoopsworld has a story up about the summer long saga about the Grizzlies needing another guard. Nothing really earth shattering but interesting reading for those obsessed with all things Grizzlies related.

Hasheem Thabeet signed with the team after summer camp ended. If people don’t know the rookie salary cap has some lattitude in pay built in to it. From the cap number, teams can go 20% higher or lower. Does anyone believe Thabeet was paid over his slot after the rookie league performance? DeMarre Carroll and Sam Young however have more lattitude to push the boundaries on their contracts judging from the rookie camp production. The team may prefer to delay signing both rookies until deciding on their backup point guard situation however.

As 3 Shades of Blue reported on Friday, Sam Young has also reportedly signed a 3 yr deal with the Grizzlies.

The USA Team camp opens in Las Vegas on the 23rd. Among the invitees are Rudy Gay and O J Mayo.

There are some exciting new Grizzlies blogs on the internet today that people should be checking out. isa blog started by a University of Memphis student that has figured out a much better way to do live blogs than 3 Shades of Blue. That should be very interesting reading during the season. Straight Out of Vancouver has joined the SN Nation site finally giving the Grizzlies a voice on that network was well. Finally Memphis Blue Bears is a new site that shows a lot of promise. The guys at 3 Shades of Blue welcome the new bloggers to the internet and hope for a long and promsing future for the guys writing them. Be sure to check them out.

In conclusion, it has not been a very cheerful time for former Grizzlies players Antoine Walker and Antonio Burks.Walker has been served after failing to make payments on this rather large debt to a gambling casino in Vegas. Burks was shot in the leg ruptering a major artory. Burks is out of intensive care and reported to be in stable condition. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who know Antonio Burks and the Grizzlies organization.




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