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Hey the so called leader of the Sunshine Patrol has some news for the faithful. The Grizzlies have signed the backup point guard for Mike Conley.

No it isn’t Allen Iverson. No Ramon Sessions. No it isn’t even a real veteran. It is Summer League All-Star Marcus Williams who last plied his trade in the competitive Puerto Rican league.

What’s that? You don’t understand why? Well let me tell you.

He’s inexpensive, he’s popular with themessage board people over at the Grizzlies web siteand he agreed to a one year deal.

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Immediately after the draft the Grizzlies brain trust targeted the backup point guard as a position that needed to be addressed and they spent the next month deciding to sign Marcus Williams.

It’s getting hard to see how this team is planning on winning any time soon.

Zach Randolph, Hasheem Thabeet, DeMarre Carroll, Sam Young and now Marcus Williams are the newest memebers of the Memphis Grizzlies. In a summer so many people said the team needed to show they were seriously committed to building something great the leadership of the team provides us with a headcase, a prospect with 6 years of organized basketball experience, a glue guy, a 24 yr old rookie and a former #1 pick who was jettisoned from two previous teams in desperate need of point guard help.

At least the Grizzlies were able to hang on to their cap flexibility. That seems to be the one thing the Grizzlies are most proud of these days.

Does this look like anything more than a short term, low cost way to make a buck at the expense of the fans of this city?

And this has one person’s fingerprints all over it. Owner Michael Heisley. The same Michael Heisley who told 3 Shades of Blue on July 9th:

Well if everything goes well and if things go down, the trade goes down, I think we will be a very, very improved team. I think that people will begin to see that at least what I have been talking about with the three year program. I think they will see that at least it has some merit.

Well the summer is practically over. The team has to sign at least one more player but the major roles on the team are filled. Does anyone feel that the 3 year plan has any merit?

And why am I not surprised that it is raining outside?

ADDENDUM: Rumors are swirling that the Grizzlies are bringing in Jason Williams (JWill) for a workout this weekend. 3 Shades will try and have someone at the Forum to report on this if possible.

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