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From the “Not surprising” file . . . Hakim Warrick is getting a lot of interest since becoming an unrestricted free agent.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports that the Cavs are offering him the $1.9 million biannual exception.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is also reporting that the Sixers are talking with Warrick about a one-year deal. There’s some mumbo jumbo about the $5.9 million mid-level exception, but I can’t see Hak getting that much.

Chris Mannix at is tweeting that the Milwaukee Buck are pursuing Hakim as well.

Now for a little perspective:

First off, I thought the Grizzlies should keep Hakim. He’s currently the longest tenured guy with the team, and he brings you quality scoring off the bench, which isn’t something Darrell Arthur has shown yet at the four. I’m always a big fan of continuity.But it’s telling that Cleveland is offering just under $2 million, which we could still do better than and save off of that $3 million he would have earned this season. Don’t know what Milwaukee or Philly is offering, but I imagine it’s comparable, or else we’d have heard about a signing already.

Now if you’re Hakim Warrick, let’s weigh this out:

Help complete rebuilding project in Memphis for maybe $2.5 million; or . . .

Join the reigning MVP (LBJ), a former MVP (Shaq) and Coach of the Year Mike Brown on a championship-or-bust quest for a NBA title.

Hmm . . .

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