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Sources say Memphis had the option of trading for Boozer instead ofZach Randolphearlier this month.

Yet the Grizz decided, apparently with considerable input from coach Lionel Hollins, that Boozer would have been less than thrilled to play out the final season of his contract in Graceland, thus convincing them that Randolph — starting over for the third time — would be more productive.

Now, I must admit, I’m not so bummed out about that for two reasons.
One, I think Hollins is probably right. I mean, Carlos allegedly dogged it for Utah last season, and they were a playoff team. He might have been a professional about it (it IS a contract year for him), but he also could have had one of those mysterious injuries that kept him sidelined much of the season. Still think it would have been smart to own his Bird rights, so that if he didn’t want to stay we could do a sign and trade to get something back. But I digress.
The other thing is the interview that Zach did with Verno. Verno, at one point, kind of presses Zach, basically asking him who can outplay him at the four. He doesn’t give up any names on that front, but he does have a list of people who aren’t better than him:
Amare Stoudemire: “I don’t think so . . .”
Carlos Boozer : “No sir. NO.”
Chris Bosh: (Chuckling) “No, sir. . . “
Pau Gasol: (Still chucking) “No . . .”
In fact, he can’t recall the last time a player ate his proverbial lunch. And the more I think about it, neither can I. Randolph came off as likeable, and a good fit personality-wise for the City of Memphis. He says that at 28, and with a family, he’s left young and stupid behind. And he’s in his prime — seasoned but still young.
We’ll see how this goes, but I’m optimistic.
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