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More points in the second quarter than in the second half.


The lack of fight is depressing.

What’s there really to say?

It’s tough to say “wow, this 24-13 team really needs shaking up”, but then again…the evidence points to such a thing needing to happen.

Was Rudy really ready to come out and rejoin the team? Or was the offense in the first half (plenty of points, but NO really good cutting/passing/ball movement) a mirage fabricated by Rudy trying to “get his”?

Is there something going on in this locker room that hasn’t yet seen the light of day?

Are the flying rumors affecting the team more than we think?

They couldn’t be affecting the team more than is apparent, now could they? This team is running in quicksand.

This game, in particular, looked like a drunk guy was playing pool against a sober player much better than himself for 24 minutes and was self-satisfied…but he kept hitting the keg, and soon those  banks and tough cuts (i.e. the unassisted shots from the first half) stopped  going in (i.e. 28 pts in the second half), and the superior player started running the table calmly and coolly (i.e. 33 assists on 44 Spurs FG’s, with 9-18 on threes). Soon, the drunk guy gives up and loses and goes home.

This game provides a pretty good example of how % FG’s assisted can demonstrate offensive efficiency (see above-mentioned Spurs stat) and offensive futility (11 ast on 29 Grizzlies FG’s). Yes, I understand that the Grizzlies were over 50% assisted in that “game” against the Clippers Monday, but that was pretty unusual. Parker, as he is wont to do, picked the Grizzlies apart.

Frustration has got to be creeping in-will Levien and Co’s silence of late lead to a move (OR MOVES?).

Keeping the rant short tonight-got a four-year-old who STILL won’t go to sleep…

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15 Responses to Whoof. I, Uh, Yeah. What’s Going On Here? Spurs 103, Grizzlies 82

  1. JmanonbassNo Gravatar says:

    Ugh, just ugh.

  2. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Spurs played a whole lot more physical this game than the last, probably surpassing the normal Grizz physicality and the refs let a lot of it go. There were a lot of “blocks” that didn’t look all that clean to me. Kinda seemed to take the Grizz outta their game.

  3. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    I’m not going to give up on my Grizzlies. I don’t know if the same can be said about the Grizzlies.

  4. JmanonbassNo Gravatar says:

    Spot on David

  5. StephenNo Gravatar says:

    The glass is still half full! Even if it’s leaking out the bottom…

  6. Counte (@Reggielegendary)No Gravatar says:

    I really think the rumors are getting to the players. Change is in the air and they know it. Hollins doesn’t like the mngt. Management isn’t helping to dispel the rumors. We all know Rudy’s the odd man out by next season. No secret there. BUT it’s about THIS season. Management should kill the rumors and make it known that Rudy isn’t going anywhere this season. This team is capable of beating every team in the league (except for the Clippers. Just a terrible matchup for us). I think we’ll see the first month Grizzlies after the trade deadline IF we keep our team together.

    • chriskf1No Gravatar says:

      Why should Hollins like the Management? They haven’t moved 1 inch toward getting an extension for him despite vastly outperforming his contract ever since he’s been here. Its becoming clear to me that — like so many other pro franchises that have a change at the top — Levian has “his own guy” that he wants to bring in,

      At the rate they’re going, Hollins will be coaching the hell out of the Nets for about 2.5X his current salary next year and Brooklyn will be the toast of the NBA.

      • kasdNo Gravatar says:

        why is he “vastly outperforming his contract”? because we made the playoffs 2 years in a row? ….we have 2 legit all star big men and a …..this one is hard to say….but “almost all star” SF and the best perimeter defender in the league…..I think it’s the absolute minimum that we make the playoffs and make some noise when we get there….we have the 5th highest payroll in the league…..5th!!!!!! In a small market!!!! I think there are a lot of coaches who could do better with this group!!!!! This is the same reasoning we have been hearing about Conley all these years…..he is “perfect for this team”…why? ……could we not do better? Really? Is the goal not to get the best coach? Best players? Best team?….Go the furthest?…etc. Are we really content at just making the playoffs every year or do we really want to win it all?

        • chriskf1No Gravatar says:

          Well, for starters, there’s the FACT that neither of those big men were all-stars when they came to Memphis. This includes one who was seen as an untradable, me-first, chemistry-killing, offensive black hole who would never play defense and who now shares the ball, plays credible defense, is a leader in the locker room, and is a beloved member of the community.

          Add in a point guard who has improved every single year he’s been in the league (regardless of whether or not he is “best for this team” or not), a defensive specialist who was so erratic that the defending world champions wouldn’t even re-sign him to a modest contract, and 2-3 other players who were end-of-bench guys on other teams who are now contributing for the Grizzlies on a regular basis, and I’d say you’ve got a guy who has coached up a lot guys and vastly outperformed what is thought to be a pretty modest contract.

          If you want to make the case that every single one of these guys just happened to get their act together on their own once they came to Memphis, go right ahead.

      • chriskf1No Gravatar says:

        Just listened to Chris Vernon interview Levien (aka Jerry Maguire). Vernon did an outstanding job of repeating questions when Maguire gave a heavily-spun non-answer the first — and sometimes a second — time (The question he evaded multiple times was ‘Do the Grizzlies have to get under the luxury tax threshold this year’).

        That said, the vocal pause Maguire had before answering Vernon’s question about Hollins was much more telling than the actual answer. To his credit, the eventual answer said all the right things (Hollins is gonna be a big part of what we do going forward). But that pause… Ugh.

        DISCLOSURE: I could simply be hearing things that confirm my concerns. Did anyone else hear the interview and interpret differently?

  7. riseandgrindNo Gravatar says:

    This is getting sad. Our management – for the well-being of its own team and fan base – needs to make a solid statement on SOMETHING regarding the immediate or more distant future of our franchise. This willful ambiguity is starting to affect the performance of the team!

    The LEAST they could do is re-sign Hollins. This coach has led our core out of a truly dark period in the franchise’s history. Now he’s coaching our team through some of the best overall play the Grizzlies have ever demonstrated by going 24-13 (still an amazing accomplishment, despite our recent woes) and our management hasn’t shown even the slightest enthusiasm in bringing him back? Now THAT’S worrisome.

    • Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

      Three things:

      One, I’ve spent more time around Coach Hollins this season. Trust, he spends ZERO time fretting about what management will do. He shows up, coaches the guys in front of him, and does what he thinks is best to win games. He is a tough minded guy not rattled by anything, least of all basketball.

      Second: Heisley let Hollins contract expire before re-upping. Don’t think it’s indicative one way or another that he hasnt been extended. Undoubtably, Grizz brass is learning that the CITY loves Lionel Hollins, not just his players. But if/when Hollins loses his players, his time will be up.

      Finally: CALM DOWN! Read my piece on the glass being half full! The Grizzlies under Hollins are typically a .500 team in the winter before hitting their stride in the spring. Relax!

      • kasdNo Gravatar says:

        WOW…if you think being second to last in offensive efficiency in the NBA since december…… a 12-11 record since december…..6-8 record against current western playoff teams……having 6 out of the 10 guys we really play on a regular basis (excluding wroten, selby and haddadi) currently shooting career worst FG percentages…..and an additional 2 players shooting their lowest FG % since their rookie seasons….that is 8 out of 10 players in a career worst slump this season!!! (not my stats by the way, but are all over the radio…and confirmed)………is all just regular winter blues……then we have nothing to talk about…..

    • oinkyNo Gravatar says:

      i agree 100 percent with everything you just said. if you know the grizzlies then you know they like to run the tank dry before fillin er back up.

      Lionel hasn’t lost this team, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  8. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    Also a journey man in mauriece speights who “never put in the effort” who helped so much in getting us to the playoffs last year

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