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Wow. Not good. The two worst losses of the season coming hot on the heels of perhaps the best win of the season (debatable, I understand). The Mavs loss, well, that’s not tolerable, but it was a travel b2b against a team DESPERATE for a home win, after a thoroughly exhausting OT victory.

Is it the trade rumors that have been flying at lightspeed around this team?

The answer is…it shouldn’t matter. It’s only 9:40 PM as I type this, and I’d be shocked to no end if there isn’t a “players-only meeting” after this debacle.

So what has made this last pair of games such a combined disaster?

A complete lack of ability to put the ball in the basket. DUH!!!

Best (only?) reason to watch the Clippers game? Heck, I was just glad that I got to watch Wroten play a bunch. It’ll take some time, but he’ll carve out an NBA home for himself. The athletic ability alone should make him a great defender with time and instruction, and passes like the one early in the fourth to a baseline-cutting Tony Allen give one faith and hope that he can be an equally good facilitator.

Without Rudy Gay, it was obvious that it was gonna be tough for the Grizzlies to put the ball in the hoop..but the Clippers were without his buddy CP3, so the burden would be lessened somewhat, right….not quite.

Thanks to 3SOB’s Lee Smith for braving what was surely a downcast locker room to get some sound for us. Let’s take a listen to what the team’s defensive leader had to say about a second straight blowout loss:

[soundcloud id=’74980662′]

His favorite phrase might be mine: “Where was the effort?”. He knows as much as any Grizzly about unflagging effort, and it wasn’t there tonight. If one were to only look at the rebounding numbers, one might think that Griz had won the game-a 48-44 advantage, with 24 (!) offensive rebounds..and then one looks at number of shot attempts…+13 for the Grizzlies…but the Grizzlies rushed a ton of close shots, either out of a well-founded fear of having a shot blocked or wanting to do too much too fast. Effort is concentration, and effort leads to better offensive execution.

No positives, not even the slimmest of opportunities to claim a moral victory, as a team that is supposedly a contender should never even utter the phrase.

It’s gonna be a hard row to hoe for the Grizzlies at practice tomorrow, and a long flight to San Antonio for Wednesday’s game.


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4 Responses to We Can Hope They’ve Gotten It Out of Their System. Clippers 99, Grizzlies 73.

  1. All day all wrotenNo Gravatar says:

    One of the tags was no offense. Hard to see but I hope grizzlies fans look at this in only one way. Rudy gay shouldn’t be traded. This team has shown that they can win 9 games in a row. Thankfully it’s a long season and these kind I offensive woes can be worked out.

  2. Red ColemanNo Gravatar says:

    The Dallas loss, I understood for all of the reasons you already outlined. Second night of a back-to-back with travel, coming on the heels of that exhausting, emotional overtime win. Looking forward to tonight’s game against another big rival in the Clippers. It almost made sense to come out flat and to have difficulty getting into the game once it was apparent that the Mavs were hitting shots and we weren’t. Once it became a 20+ point game, they might as well have walked off the floor then. I understood that outcome — practically expected it.

    But tonight….wow. No Chris Paul meant that we should have had a decided advantage in this game. Eric Bledsoe is a fine player and all, but he’s not the shooter or the setup man that CP3 is. This Clippers team should have struggled on offense tonight. Instead, they were aggressive (32 free throw attempts) and took care of the ball (only 10 turnovers). They simply outhustled and put forth more effort than the home team tonight.

    When outside shots weren’t falling and teams know they can pack it in the lane, there is nobody on this team that could consistently take it into the lane and either make the shot, draw the foul, or create an opportunity for teammates. Conley and Rudy avoid contact, Selby and Wroten aren’t there yet, Ellington is a spot-up shooter, and Bayless simply can’t do it. That’s the true Achilles heel on this team right now — even moreso than perimeter shooting.

  3. Steve DanzigerNo Gravatar says:

    Unreal how there was literally no fire out there for our guys. Tony said it best in that post-game audio. Tony Wroten was a heck of a lot of fun to watch out there, though. I hope to see him get a bit more burn here and there.

  4. kasdNo Gravatar says:

    Grizz since the 12-2 start are 12-10…..
    Currently if the season ended today we would have a losing record against teams that are in the playoffs in the west (6W’s-7L’s)……
    Don’t get me wrong, this is still a very good team, but contrary to popular belief we are not contending for a championship I think. Maybe it’s just me, but the last 3 years I just don’t see much improvement. Health and continuity may fool us into believing the contrary, but this is pretty much the same exact team from 2 years ago….only this time we have Bayless (5ppg/3apg/2rpg) instead of Vasquez (14ppg/9apg/5rpg) and Ellington (5ppg/1apg/1rpg) instead of OJ (18ppg/4apg/4rpg)…….
    We need to make some moves…..or this team has peaked……..

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