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Most people don’t like to break up a team that is winning.  But it was obvious to everyone that something had to be done because of salaries being over the luxury tax limit.  Since few wanted to get rid of one of the core 5 players, that only left bench players.

The Grizzlies still have the players needed to compete, it just means that Darrell Arthur will get more playing time.  It may mean that Tony Wroten and Hamed Haddadi are going to get more playing time until the new bench players are signed and ready to play.  The trade puts the squeeze on for the short term, but it is better for the whole season.

The Grizzlies keep under the luxury cap, and can acquire some veteran players who have playoff experience.  I think having the veteran experience could make a big difference as bench players.  Depending on which veterans the Grizzlies sign, they will bring skills that the Grizzlies can use off the bench.  Even some of the more caustic players like Delonte West I think can be kept in check by Coach Hollins and our veterans.

Will any of the new players help the struggling Grizzlies offense?  Only time and several games will answer that question.  Let us hope that it will.  The end of the trade rumors will certainly help the locker room!

(I tried to get the tables below to look better but I give up trying.)

What the Grizzlies send to Cleveland and about $7.05 million in salary.

Marreese Speights
Position: Forward-Center
Height: 6-10Weight: 255
5th year
2012-13 Statistics
PPG 6.5
RPG 4.7
APG 0.5
SPG 0.2
BPG 0.7
FG% 0.429
FT% 0.716
3P% 0.400
MPG 14.5
PER 16.29
Salary $4.2 mil
Wayne Ellington
Position: Guard
Height: 6-4Weight: 200
4th year
2012-13 Statistics
PPG 5.5
RPG 1.3
APG 1.1
SPG 0.4
BPG 0.0
FG% 0.407
FT% 0.938
3P% 0.423
MPG 16.9
PER 10.00
Salary $2.083 mil
Josh Selby
Position: Guard
Height: 6-2Weight: 183
2nd year
2012-13 Statistics
PPG 2.0
RPG 0.5
APG 0.4
SPG 0.2
BPG 0.0
FG% 0.273
FT% 0.636
3P% 0.167
MPG 5.9
PER 0.36
Salary $0.762 mil

What the Grizzlies get from Cleveland and only $0.762 million in salary (the same as Selby).  That is a net gain of $6.283 million.

Position: Forward
Height: 6-10Weight: 228
2nd year
2012-13 Statistics
PPG 2.4
RPG 1.4
APG 0.6
SPG 0.2
BPG 0.0
FG% 0.357
FT% 0.333
3P% 0.000
MPG 10.1
PER 3.52
Salary $0.762 mil

Rumored, possible players to sign with the NBA veteran’s minimum contract based on the number of years of experience.

Position: Guard
Height: 6-3Weight: 180
9th year
2012-13 Preseason Statistics
PPG 5.0
RPG 1.3
APG 2.0
SPG 0.7
BPG 0.3
FG% 0.448
FT% 0.538
3P% 0.222
MPG 17.6
PER 15.35
Salary $1,229,255
New York
Position: Forward
Height: 6-6Weight: 235
4th year
2011-12 Statistics
PPG 5.9
RPG 2.5
APG 1.2
SPG 0.6
BPG 0.2
FG% 0.398
FT% 0.850
3P% 0.319
MPG 19.4
PER 8.24
Salary $915,852
New Jersey
Position: Guard
Height: 6-7Weight: 205
8th year (out in 11-12)
2010-11 Statistics
PPG 9.8
RPG 2.8
APG 2.0
SPG 0.8
BPG 0.1
FG% 0.402
FT% 0.844
3P% 0.370
MPG 24.6
PER ??
Salary $1,223,166


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