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Just thought I’d throw my unoriginal hat into the dead horse that is the “Wayne’s World” analogy for this game.

There was a lot more than just Ellington’s atomic explosion of scoring in this game..

There was also what we used to call on the playground an “all-out smearation”. It had been a while since the Grizzlies blew out a team (in fact, they’d never enjoyed such a large margin of victory on the road, EVER), and the fact that it came on the second night of a back-to-back made it even more savory. No, the Kings will not still be playing in May-but they had been a tough out at home lately, and the Grizzlies have always had trouble winning in Sacramento. Good win.

Was there anything special about the way Ellington was able to do what he did? Not really…the shots just fell, and when he started hitting, it was a glorious repeat of the other game in which he went nuts..but…it’s still only been two games. He’s come out of the Marianas trench-depth slump in which he was mired for several weeks, but it will take more than one fiery 10-11 to  make me forget Dante. Ellington’s percentages of late have improved, so this will bear watching.

Nice to see the Grizzlies exploit the principal advantage they had over the Kings-rebounding. For much of the game, the Griz were around the +12-ish mark on the glass, a sure way to gain extra possessions. The glass (and FGA’s) gap shrunk late in the game, due in no small part to Thomas Robinson’s motor. Tough kid with good sense. Seems odd to read rumors about him being “available” already, but nothing that comes out of Sacramento’s collective mouth surprises anyone anymore.

DMC. If this kid ain’t ZBo’s younger reincarnation/shadow, no one will ever be. Great footwork, not much defense, and a perhaps-too-high propensity to launch it from outside. Absurd talent, but the Grizzlies kept him in check effectively. Gasol and co. kept him from his good catch spots, and the aforementioned propensity to launch from outside was in full effect. After his recent streak, only 10 and 8 with one assist to four TO’s is viable, solid containment of a guy who is fully 20/10 capable.

Speaking of turnovers, that was perhaps the brightest spot of the game for the Grizzlies-a mere 8 for the game while forcing 14. THAT is what we should be accustomed to seeing, and it wasn’t any particular aspect-the Grizzlies had eight steals, but there were many other “disruption” turnovers, with Kings players losing the ball out of bounds, missing connections, etc., with Memphis coughing up the ball much less. Again, the Kings are not known as a defensive juggernaut…but the Grizzlies have had some VERY rough offensive games against similar teams of late (hi, Portland), so it was nice to see our guys hold on to the darned ball.

It’s been QUITE a long time since I looked this forward to a game featuring the Grizzlies against the Warriors, and one quick look at the standings tells us why this one should be just awesome. Can’t wait….

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2 Responses to Party Time, Excellent. Grizzlies Blow Out Kings 113-81

  1. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Where has this team been hiding since their start in November? This is the type of performance I’ve wanted for a month where the Grizz don’t fall apart when the other team goes on a run. Count me as one of the fans that wants those light blue road unis as the primary one for road games. If I say more I may jinx things.

  2. oinkyNo Gravatar says:

    hey Larry tell your boy to pony up the Luxury Tax jack, and quit trying to pull the rug out with these horrible trades boy wonder Jason is trying to brew up.

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