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Fun stuff first. On the BS Report, Bill Simmons asked Steph Curry and David Lee of the Golden State Warriors who their toughest matchups were. David Lee said *surprise surprise* Z-Bo.

As the rumors continue to swirl around Rudy Gay, there was a report this morning that the Minnesota Timberwolves shot down a trade offer that would have sent the SF north in return for Kevin Love and/or Nikola Pekovic.

The Toronto Raptors remain the team who seems to be hottest in pursuit of Gay, with the rumored offer being based around Jose Calderon (and his expiring contract) and young PF Ed Davis.

And there is still the persistent rumor about him being sent to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Tyreke Evans and probably John Salmons.

With his name being circulated so much, apparently other players are making it known that they’d like to have Gay as a teammate, such as his close friend, Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics.

Rudy had this to say regarding the trade rumors:

Gay, 26, said he would like to stay in Memphis, but added that he would be happy wherever he plays.

“I’m more than just a basketball player and wherever I am, or will be, or wherever I go, they are going to realize I’m more than just a basketball player,” Gay said. “I can give just as much as I did here, if not more.”

“People don’t understand that we do have families, we do have personal situations we have to deal with while trying to be productive on the court,” Gay said. “Your family is calling saying, ‘What is going on? What is going on?’ I just tell them, ‘Don’t worry about it.’

“That’s the biggest thing. The more people talk about it, the more I think about it, because I don’t talk about it at all.” (Credit: Y! Sports)

Of course, some people, like Dime Magazine’s Spencer Lund, don’t think the Grizzlies should trade the talented swingman.

Lionel Hollins had some interesting things to say on the radio with Ron Tillery this morning, so go listen to that here.

In non-trade news, I saw some interesting stats thrown around on Twitter this morning by local radio host Peter Edmiston (@peteredmiston):

In wins, Grizzlies get 16% of their points on fast breaks; just 10% in losses. Transition’s a huge weapon.
Losing Quincy Pondexter has been a bigger issue than you might realize. He was tied for the team lead in min. played in the 4th quarter…
Since @quincypondexter’s injury, the Grizzlies 4th quarter 3PT% has dropped from 35% to 21%. Overall shooting dropped too (40% to 35%).

So, make sure you follow Peter on Twitter, if you aren’t already. Follow me too: @3SOB

Another stat from the Grizz Nation group on Facebook: With a record of 10-6, the Grizzlies are tied for the best road record in the NBA right now, trailing the Clippers (10-5) and even with the Bulls and Thunder (both 9-5).

A final stat from Bloomberg Sports : The Bark/Bite Analysis. Apparently, Marc Gasol rates highly at being a defensive force at the rim.

Tony Wroten was re-assigned to the D-League today, so he’s headed back to Reno once again.

Finally, head over to Twitter and make sure to give the Grindfather, Tony Allen (@aa000G9), a big happy birthday message, since today is his birthday.

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  1. kasdNo Gravatar says:

    If we trade Rudy I really like the Kings trade. We trade a “potential” all-star (Gay 19/7/3 for 16.5mil/3yrs) for a “potential” all star SG (Evans 20/5/5 for 5.2mil/1yr) and we get a legit SF (Salmons 10/3/3 8mil/3yrs) and a 3rd string (Garcia 6/1/1 6mil/2yrs) on top of that. I don’t know how anyone could argue that we get worse with this move….. (yesterday Evans put up 20/7/2 on 8/11 shooting…so health is no longer a concern)….if we deal this is the one……..

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