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Wow. Twelve whole points in a fourth quarter AT HOME. Double wow.

Three Shades’ Lee Smith got some great audio tonight…and I’m just too frustrated to type much…so follow after the jump for some good locker room sound….

Ten three pointers given up to the Blazers. The Grizzlies, for all their defensive prowess, sure do let the gate open from long range from time to time. Tony Allen, especially note what he says about :22 in, and starting about 1:50:

[soundcloud id=’73692640′]

Gotta love that he’s not afraid of taking responsibility for the loss on his shoulders, but if you notice, he’s super bummed. Even more bummed than the usual “pain runnin’ deeper than the ocean” emotion we’re used to from TA. It’s gotta be wearing  on him and on the rest of the team to know that there have been lots of squandered leads and lots of missed key shots in a lot of fourth quarters lately. Tony’s right, by the way, about this game-the Grizzlies’ starting backcourt went a miserable 4-17 with only 4 ast and 5 TO’s between them-that’s, well, not good. Balance is necessary, and the Griz’ offense did not have it this night.

Rudy Gay should get a medal of some sort for just showing up to play so soon after the loss of his grandmother, to whom he was very close. Rudy, we’re all prayin’ for you and your family.

As for the game, both Rudy and Marreese did well box-score-wise (22 and 13 for Mo!!), but they’d both tell you that matters not one bit. Rudy Gay on the game:[soundcloud id=’73693269′]

It’s a good five minutes, trust me. Listen to it. I’m not gonna say that Rudy took the loss lightly…but you can make your own decision about that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that he’s able to let  a loss run off his back, but at about the four-minute mark when he says this loss may have helped the team re-establish a sense of urgency going into the road trip, it almost sounds like someone trying to rationalize a loss. He can’t be totally blind and deaf to the trade rumors  starting to fly around his name (a week or two earlier than I thought they might, at that). Is that part of the reason that he’s made an attempt to take games over, or is he just trying to be more assertive?

Yet another game where the Grizzlies fail to eclipse 90 points, and another game the Grizzlies lose. Ouch. Hard not to look at Conley’s meager if not miserable 2-8 in 33 minutes and Bayless’ 0-1 in fifteen minutes, and the Grizzlies’ barf-a-licious (yep, just made up that one) 13 assists on 32-81 from the field. Gotta love the 18-18 from the line-at least we can’t look back and say “wow, if they’d made more FT’s….”.

That, my fellow Grizzlies fans, is called “clutching at thin straws of positivity”.

Phoenix Sunday night. Payback time for Dragic and the Suns…hey, don’t forget..another game in the 80’s that the Griz lost by two was played there a few short weeks ago…

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7 Responses to Grizzlies’ Anemic Offense Fails Again. Blazers 86, Grizzlies 84.

  1. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t think I was asking a lot by wanting both of my hometown teams to win. I hope I wasn’t.

    I was going to say that I was shocked at how a close game went bad at the end. However, I can’t when you pass instead of taking open freakin’ shots. There were several times while listening to the game at work I’m flat out yelling “take the damn shot” rather than whittle the shot clock down to nothing and having to force something up.

    It’s frustrating the hell out of us fans, it has to certainly frustrate those involved with the team. I just don’t know what else has to until something finally changes/clicks on mentally.

  2. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    edit: has to happen

  3. TifteNo Gravatar says:

    Not to mention they made 1 (!) point in the last two minutes…

  4. sadmanNo Gravatar says:

    its such a shame how terrible rudy gay is. he is not a franchise player and likely will never be an all-star. HOLLINGER use your PER and other stupid stats to see that rudy has to be gone. we need shooters! Ellington doesnt even get the ball to shoot. rudy to hawks for kyle korver + devin harris + 1st round pick. DO THE DEAL HOLLINGER

  5. HeathNo Gravatar says:

    The Rudy Gay trade to chicago is sounding so good right about now. He is trying to be the best he can, but his one on one skills are not there completely, and his iso plays are just sad. he scored 2 points in the second half. 2!!

    on another note, like david stated, i found myself yelling too when wayne ellington or jared bayless would pass up wide open threes. The grizzlies have more than enough post presence and interior people. We need to show the rest of the league how much of a threat we are from the outside so teams don’t just play zone and take their chances with the shots taken.

  6. Quinn TowsonNo Gravatar says:

    Hollins’s fault here. The guys are not taking shots because they have instructions to run specific play 95% of the time. It’s time to change the offense to open court or spread court offense and give players the green light to shoot anytime they have an open shot, especially beyond the arc. Players don’t have confidence in their shots and thats why. Next Hollins needs to play the bench to give them confidence Of course Hollins won’t do anything until the fan base starts asking for his head.

  7. Grizzfan85No Gravatar says:

    It’s time to trade TA and his expiring contract to get inexpensive shooting by saving luxury tax money. TA for bobcats Reggie Williams and a 2nd Rounder. Nobody will like that trade but once this happens we should just start pondexter at sg and fire hollins.

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