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No, Rudy didn’t get that shot off before the buzzer.

Yes, that was a foul on Conley.

But that isn’t why the Grizzlies lost the game.

After the jump, more aspects of a major choke job, and some great-as-always locker room audio from Lee Smith…

This game was YET ANOTHER example of how teams can shut down the Grizzlies’ offense by shutting down Gasol and ZBo. Sure, the Grizzlies had 44 paint points, and Ellington was game-high (!!!) scorer with 17 (UGH), giving the impression that the Griz had it going from outside-but Gasol and Randolph were held way down, and guess what, the Grizzlies only had 16 assists on 35 makes. All four of the Grizzlies’ four principal big men can step out of the paint and hit from up to about 20 feet, especially the bench guys-but those bench guys went a combined 3-11 this game.  Check out what Marc Gasol has to say starting about thirty seconds in, and it’s easy to hear his frustration at the Grizzlies’ inability to execute close to the basket:

[soundcloud id=’75883226′]

A dejected big man for sure.

Right in line with the paint concerns, a dearth of FT attempts, with Rudy’s 22 FGA’s without a single FT attempted being the unfortunate standout stat. Jackin’ jumpers…and if one listens again to what Marc Gasol said…could he have been indirectly calling out Rudy? I’ll not sow that seed of discontent, but it will be worth watching to see if it germinates on its own….

Then, there was the defense. Letting a team like the Pacers shoot almost 50% from the floor and 8-17 from three is a further recipe for disaster. Most disturbing is the fact that a couple lesser/no-namer/bench guys got some work done against the Grizzlies (although the Griz’ bench outscored the Pacers’ by a few points, again thanks to another spike on the Ellington curve). Guys like Tyler and Augustin should not be difference makers. Listen to what the Grizzlies’ defensive leader said about it:

[soundcloud id=’75883514′]

Check out what he says a couple minutes in, when responding to a question about consistency of effort and why said effort wavers….”I couldn’t even tell you”. Now check out what Rudy says….

[soundcloud id=’75883091′]

…at about the 3:25 mark. Kinda related, in that he says that teams have certainly adjusted to what the Grizzlies are trying to do.

Uhh….don’t the Grizzlies need to adjust as well?

Seems that the players are more than a bit in the dark about what is causing the stumbles on the offensive end. I’m definitely a Lionel Hollins guy/supporter-but the offensive struggles have to lay at least partly at the feet of the coaching staff, unless….

(kettle drums rising in background)…there’s someone on the team going against the grain.

Think I might have to enlist my four-year-old’s help on this one. I’m pretty sure he knows Shaggy, Scooby,and the gang personally by this point, and perhaps they can help us solve this mystery.

Or could it get solved on February 21st or on draft day?

Time will tell….


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