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Ok, now to the game.

Three Shades’ co-founder Red Coleman and I were talking over Twitter during this game…he was good-naturedly ribbing me about how much we all know I LOOOOOVE games like this one. Fratello ball all day baby. If you don’t let the other team score EVER, you only have to score once.

You know who else I bet loves games like this one?  A man named Lionel.

As well as  a guy named me.

How did I love this game?  Let me count the ways….

Way one: Tony Allen. Defense, sure. But how he has changed his offensive approach over the last stretch of games is very worth noting. Is it better position and sealing angles by the bigs to receive the pass/clear the driving lane, or is it smarter driving by TA? Both. TA’s defense is almost never in question, but he’s gone through stretches in his Grizzlies career in which he’s spent more time out of the figurative offensive box than in it.  Right now, not so much. Slashing works pretty well for him, shooting does not-and in this game like several other recent ones, he thankfully is choosing the former. 3-6 for nine points with six boards and some great D as always. Another nice contribution from Tony.

Way two: The Griz kept the Bulls under 37% for the game. Having a guy like Nate Robinson playing for the Bulls helps out in that regard(thanks for the 5-15, Nate!), but running the Bulls off their spots and helping each other to the extreme is how the Grizzlies did *just enough* to win the night.

Way three: More nice, confident play from Conley. 13 points and a 3:1 ast/TO ratio. Like Allen’s line, this pretty much sums up a good Conley game. Precision on his passes, and composure under pressure, as the Bulls were not shy about picking him up out very high. Like many of the Grizzlies, he was fouled more times than were whistled this game, but he did not let the adversity get to him in the “bad shrinking violet Conley” kind of way. Speaking of overcoming adversity…

Way four: Zach Randolph, walking wounded, with almost twenty darned rebounds. That’s a man who wants and loves to win, and tonight was exemplary of that. It was apparent that even ZBo’s usually-limited jumping ability was curtailed by the lower back strain, but he kept at it like he does, and pulled down nine offensive boards, each of which seemed to come at a pivotal moment. Two big missed FT’s, and his “jumper” was off-but he did what he had to do under the goal, and that’s what the team needed.

Way five: Rudy Gay with the HUUUUUGE block on Nate Robinson, after a major choke-job turnover. Marc Gasol with four points and three rebounds in OT after two huge FT misses. ZBo playing through pain and not letting his three missed FT’s in OT rattle him too much on the other end. Just. Find. A. Way. To. Win. And that’s what they did.

Well, Monday brings another opportunity for the over/under on an NBA game to barely break triple digits. What will happen? Aside from the game, of course, the Grizzlies organization will do another awesome job honoring one of the most important and (rightly, I might add) respected figures in American history. The Pacers are comin’ to town, and don’t look for shooting percentages to be high….I am pleasantly anticipating another beautifully unattractive NBA game. Do it right, Grizzlies.

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5 Responses to Dare I Say…GRIND? Grizzlies 85, Bulls 82 In OT

  1. StevedNo Gravatar says:

    Mike Conley with 3 blocks? WTF?

  2. Anthony MorrisonNo Gravatar says:

    Nice to get a win despite bad free throw shooting, questionable officiating and bonehead plays in OT by Conley and Gay. One thing even our TV guys didn’t notice was that the Chicago clock operator gave the Bulls an extra two full seconds on their last possession. The tying 3 point attempt should not have even counted had it gone in. Anyway, hopefully we can build a nice win streak during the upcoming homestand. Go Grizz!

    • chriskf1No Gravatar says:

      I noticed the same thing… but then, upon rewind, I noticed the operator also started the clock on the inbound pass instead of waiting for the touch. I think the Bulls still got an extra tenth… but it wasn’t as aggregious as it first looked.

  3. chriskf1No Gravatar says:

    That really was an entertaining game. But the fact that a team who only scored 82 points including an OT, playing without their leading scorer (Deng… not even counting Rose), was able to completely erase a 17 point deficit is troubling. Add in the last possession of regulation, where Conley didn’t even try to start a play until sub-6 seconds (and then couldn’t actually make a pass until 2 seconds), and the (correct, IMO) 5-second call that gave the Bulls a chance at 2OT, and its pretty tough to simply extoll the virtues of the Griz D. The Bulls’ D is very good, but Nate Robinson wasn’t the only one playing boneheaded offense.

  4. HPTMattNo Gravatar says:

    completely agreed regarding the Griz’ offensive struggles-must credit the Bulls’ defense for that in part, and just numb-brained maneuvers by several Grizzlies too.

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