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Technically, this is the SECOND recorded interview 3SOB has done with John Hollinger, the Grizzlies new VP of Basketball Operations. The first, done by Chip Crain, suffered from really bad audio. We didn’t want to put you guys through that, so we asked if we could interview John again, and he graciously agreed.

This time around, though, Chip had a conflict, so subbing in were yours truly and Josh “Red” Coleman. Josh did the first part of the interview (below), and then I eagerly asked if I could jump in the chair to ask a few questions. You can check those out in Part 2 (coming Tuesday). We made sure to cover many of Chip’s questions and a few more. And it all starts with the question on everybody’s mind: “What’s up with Rudy Gay?”

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4 Responses to 3SOB Exclusive: John Hollinger (Part 1)

  1. louis greccoNo Gravatar says:

    hey guys. ive been having a hard time viewing the audio and video files yall put up. any idea why?

    go grizz

  2. Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry for the problems louis . . . for the record, if you tried to watch this video earlier today, there was a glitch on our end and it wasn’t up. should be fixed now . . . Can you be a little more specific about your A/V problems?

  3. AussieGNo Gravatar says:

    Good questions.. good interview. Such a tease though.. post part 2 ASAP!!

  4. ccNo Gravatar says:

    excellent interview Red & John…cannot wait for pt. 2…GRIZZ !!!

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