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The above-referenced “fish” would be the cold hard fishslap of ZBo-less reality.

When things don’t go just exactly perfect, the Griz lose.

And ya just can’t count on things going perfectly, now can you.

Let’s run it down…Matt Bonner, you irritate me. Always have irritated me, always will irritate me.

Grizzlies, your unwillingness to guard Bonner has also always irritated me.

Now, a few points regarding this “contest”:

-once again, Marc Gasol wears himself out rebounding the ball. Once again, he’s the only Griz doing so. Sure, other guys show up from time to time-but even a player with Gasol’s talent and skill level cannot be expected to bear the load on the glass for a whole team game after game.The Griz were a big fat -9 on the boards this game, and that’s a disturbing trend. Bears watching, and must be corrected if the Griz are to right the ship.

-Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Gotta show up every night. Remember when I mentioned in this space about Rudy’s body language, and whether it would get worse, and whether he’d start to take it out on the rest of the team? I’d say he’s about one or two more losses from starting to try to deflect the criticism he’s surely facing right now in that locker room onto his teammates. Big test. Can Rudy pass?

-Don’t be fooled-OJ Mayo just came in and did what he does-scored a bunch. Too bad his scoring was irrelevant in a game like this. It’s his skill, to be sure-but games like this do nothing to endear him to me. Fitting in in a winning effort. That’s what he’s gotta do to get paid next summer by the Griz or by some other team.Don’t get me wrong, 7-11 in 24 minutes is great-but a nasty team-“leading” -12 for the game doesn’t help a thing.

-Young, Pondexter, whoever. That whole tempest in a teapot couldn’t matter less at this point.

Ok. I’m disgusted, and now I have to turn on NBATV and root for the Thunder, since they’re playing the Clippers.

As for the Griz, I’m thinking we get the ol’ “players-only meeting” routine soon. Who will lead that meeting? Marc.

Will it help? We’ll see.

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4 Responses to STOP SLAPPING ME WITH THAT FISH! Griz Lose…Again….

  1. KD LegendNo Gravatar says:

    OJ is quietly having a good season. He is shooting the ball well, making solid basketball plays. It seems when he is put in pick and roll, good things happen. He is doing his part to help the team win and doing what is asked of him. If more is expected of him, then more plays should be called for him to get good looks. He also has been coming into games with a shaky bench.

  2. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    My input on last nights game:

    1. The Grizzlies get the worst “no-calls” of any NBA team. BE AGGRESSIVE AT THE BASKET and draw fouls!
    2. Rudy, SHOOT THE BALL! Take the wide-open 24-footer before you turn it over again.
    3. Jeremy Pargo is a turnover machine. Leave Selby in.
    4. STOP ALLOWING SO MANY OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS. How many times last night did we make a stop only to let the Spurs get a second and third possession? Can’t win like that.
    5. Play smarter basketball, these past couple games have been embarrassing, quite frankly.

  3. GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:

    Look I attend every game, record every game, and consider myself a die-hard season ticket holding, towel-waving fan. Lionel Hollins has to get his head out of his pocket and hold Rudy Gay accountable for his attitude. He set Rudy up by checking him back into the game for some additional boos with 5 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Gay single handedly tourched the game during his back-to-back-to-back-back possessions in which he committed a turnover, took a bad shot. picked up a technical foul, and was called for two rach-ins defensively. Hollins should have benched him right then and there as the Spurs lead ballooned from 11 to 20.

    Last night O.J. could have provided enough offense last night to keep us in the game, but Lionel Hollins and Mike Conley refuse to make sure he gets shots when he’s on the floor. He had the crossover working, the jump shot, a couple of nice passes to Marc and his man wasn’t scoring. I am also noticing a distrurbing pattern regarding Lionel’s substitution patterns when it pertains to Juice. If he’s hot or not Lionel is taking him out around the midway point of the 2nd quarter.

    Case in point, O.J. checks in around the 3 minute mark of the first quarter knocks down a couple of shots including a three and is pulled midway through the second quarter in favor of Allen who consistently made bad plays with the ball in his hands last night. Tony Allen’s reckless turnovers and Rudy Gay’s pouting did more to disrupt our offensive flow than anything else last night. O.J. was -12 becuase Sam Young kept leaving Bonner open for threes, even when we decided to go zone.

    I love Tony Allen defensively and he’s the reason our team slogan changed from “Young and Hungry” to “Ten Years in the Making”, to “Grit N Grind”. However, the bad shots, selfish turnovers, and out of control play must stop because we don’t have Zach to cover our mistakes on the offensive glass.

    Mike Conley refuses to look for O.J. when he’s making shots even on a night when Gay and Gasol simply can’t score. Conley should make sure that when the “Memphowave” comes off the bench he get’s his touches and shot like Dallas’ Jason Terry. Instead Conley is running high pick and rolls with Gasol and the defense just goes under the screen because Conley is still not a consistent jump shooter.

    O.J. could have scored an efficient 30 on a night when Rudy should have been benched midway through the third quarter along with Tony Allen.

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