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Which Grizzlies fan is not disappointed with at 3-6 start to the season?  Those who rank the NBA are also disappointed.  Stein at ESPN says the Grizzlies should be humbled.  Sam Amico at Fox has this probing opinion “It’s very early, but something seems not quite right here after last year‘s playoff fun. And it goes beyond just Zach Randolph being hurt.”

Memphis could/should win 5 or 6 of their next 7 games: NY Knicks (H, W-L?), New Orleans (H, Win), Chicago (H, Lose), New Orleans (A, Win), Detroit (A, Win), Sacramento (H, Win), Golden State (A, Win).  Win these games and they would be at  500.

Average ranking for the week is 18.78 (not including actual), up slightly from last week’s 20.88.

 2011-12 Power Rankings for the week of January 9
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Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
on 01-10 01-09 01-10 01-09 01-10 01-10 01-10 01-10 01-09 01-09
1 Miami Miami Miami: Grade=B+ Miami Chicago Miami Chicago Philadelphia Chicago Miami 1
2 Chicago Chicago Chicago: Grade=A+ Chicago Miami Chicago Philadelphia Miami Miami Chicago 2
3 Oklahoma City Portland Oklahoma City: Grade=A Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Miami Chicago Portland Portland 3
4 Philadelphia Oklahoma City Philadelphia: Grade=B Denver San Antonio Portland Atlanta Portland Orlando Oklahoma City 4
5 Portland San Antonio Portland: Grade=A- Portland Portland Philadelphia Portland Atlanta Oklahoma City Indiana 5
6 Atlanta Denver LA Lakers: Grade=B+ Atlanta Atlanta LA Lakers Denver Denver LA Clippers Atlanta 6
7 San Antonio Philadelphia Atlanta: Grade=C+ Philadelphia Philadelphia Atlanta LA Clippers San Antonio San Antonio San Antonio 7
8 Indiana LA Lakers LA Clippers: Grade=C+ LA Lakers Orlando Orlando Oklahoma City LA Lakers Denver Denver 8
9 Orlando Atlanta San Antonio: Grade=A San Antonio Indiana San Antonio Indiana Oklahoma City LA Lakers Philadelphia 9
10 LA Clippers Indiana Denver: Grade=B+ LA Clippers LA Clippers Denver San Antonio LA Clippers Atlanta LA Lakers 10
11 Utah
Orlando Indiana: Grade=B- Indiana LA Lakers Indiana LA Lakers Phoenix Philadelphia LA Clippers 11
12 LA Lakers Boston Orlando: Grade=C Orlando Boston LA Clippers Phoenix Indiana Boston Orlando 12
13 Denver LA Clippers New York: Grade=B Dallas Denver Boston Orlando Orlando Dallas Boston 13
14 New York Dallas Utah: Grade=D+ Boston New York New York Utah Minnesota Indiana New York 14
15 Boston New York Dallas: Grade=Grade=B Minnesota Dallas Toronto Cleveland Dallas Dallas 15
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
16 Phoenix Phoenix Boston: Grade=B Houston Utah Minnesota Houston Minnesota Utah 16
17 Cleveland Utah Phoenix: Grade=C New York Cleveland Dallas Dallas Cleveland Houston Phoenix 17
18 Dallas Memphis A Utah Phoenix Utah Houston Golden State Cleveland 18
19 Toronto Houston Toronto: Grade=C- Phoenix Toronto Phoenix New Orleans New Orleans New York 19
20 Cleveland Cleveland: Grade=C- Milwaukee Toronto Toronto Toronto Minnesota 20
21 Houston Minnesota Minnesota: Grade=D- Toronto Minnesota Cleveland Minnesota Boston Utah Milwaukee 21
22 Minnesota Golden State Houston: Grade=B Cleveland New Orleans New Orleans Golden State Golden State Milwaukee Houston 22
23 New Orleans Milwaukee New Orleans: Grade=B+ Sacramento Sacramento Golden State New York Utah Sacramento Toronto 23
24 Sacramento Toronto Milwaukee: Grade=C- Golden State Milwaukee Charlotte Milwaukee New York Detroit Golden State 24
25 Milwaukee Sacramento Sacramento: Grade=C- Charlotte Houston Boston Milwaukee Phoenix Sacramento 25
26 Golden State Detroit Detroit: Grade=F Milwaukee Golden State Sacramento Charlotte Charlotte New Orleans New Orleans 26
27 Detroit New Orleans Golden State: Grade=C New Orleans Detroit Houston Sacramento Detroit Charlotte Charlotte 27
28 New Jersey New Jersey Charlotte: Grade=C Detroit Charlotte Detroit New Jersey Sacramento Cleveland Detroit 28
29 Charlotte Charlotte New Jersey: Grade=C New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey Detroit New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey 29
30 Washington Washington Washington: Grade=C- Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington 30
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
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2 Responses to Power Rankings – week of Jan. 9

  1. new_skool91No Gravatar says:

    It’s not how we start, but how we finish. We will be in the the most important position at the end of the season – Top 8 in the West.

  2. ColeNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with Fox sports. I think the problem is that they are missing their glue guy and coach on the court. Not resigning Battier, though understandable, is a bigger loss than anyone cares to admit.

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